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  1. To simulate the standard paper strip chart recorder it would be nice if there was an option on the graph control to simply rotate by +90 degrees so the moving graph scrolled down the page to give that effect. I realise it is not quite as simple as a total graphic rotate as the axis scales and titles etc would still want to be in the normal upright position. (I am working on getting this strip chart effect with the standard graph control and thanks for the help given on this forum to my other posts). Great product and great support and nicely integrated with the LabJacks. Andy..
  2. Hi, Me again. I upgraded my DAQFactory Express that I got with LabJack to DAQFactory Starter. Under DAQFactory Express I had set a Document Editing Password so that when I or the students loaded the document again it correctly went into Runtime Mode as explained in the manual with editing controls not available. HOWEVER, I wanted the extra controls and screen of the Starter Edition so I have now upgraded. DAQFactory Starter loads my old documents and I have spent hours and hours upgrading and adding bits, but now I can't get it to go into runtime mode when I put the document editing password on it. I want to protect my nice layouts and scripts etc from out students fidling around. . . [the actual password setting in DAQFactory Starter works in that it needs me to enter the old one to change or clear it] but DAQFactory is not obeying it and going into runtime. I read the manual and even tried the command line option -R but that did nothing either. The -F went into full screen so I guess I was putting it in the right place just before the filename of the document you want loaded. How do I now get Runtime for my documents please? Thanks, Andy..
  3. Hi, I am running DAQFactory Std edition. I would like to have a graph where the time was on the vertical axis and the measured dependant values on the horizontal axis. Just like the control panels with strip paper chart recorders on them. Is this possible? There is a Rotate property for symbols but I can't find one for graphs. My other attempt was to put Time on Y-axis and Values on the X-axis. I went to the Axes tab then LeftAxis_1 and set ScaleFrom = SysTime()+30 and ScaleTo = Systime()-30 which gave me a scrolling strip going down the page okay. Bottom Axis was set ScaleFrom = 0 and ScaleTo = 50 (its a temp I am trying to trace) But no trace shows - I think because I can't assign the bottom axis in the dropdown. Someone must of done this already or am I looking in the wrong place. Andy Attached a sample using the test device (hope I've got this right I am new to this) test_chart_rec.ctl
  4. Sorted ! I found another post from Dec 2009 with same problem and a solution offered was to install a trial version of DAQFactory on ANOTHER pc and then open your 2 page document from their, ADD a new page 3, SAVE AS a new name (for safety), and then open that one back in your DAQFactory Std edition (that has add page greyed out). Did that and got it back up working yesterday. Thanks - I really like DAQFactory and the help from both AzeoTech and other users is most welcome. The express version I got with my LabJack got me going but it was really worth upgrading to Std just to get the extra controls. Anyway thanks for the offer. Cheers, Andy..
  5. Hi, Bought a LabJack U12 that came with DAQFactory Express. Started with Express version for a week and then needed more so bought a copy of Starter. However, when I load my old program it still wont let me add a third page. However if I start a new program it starts with three blank pages. So how do I get around this - I don't want to have to draw and program it all again. Just a new page 3 needed. The other bits extra features like more components to add Gauges, Compassas, Graphs, etc etc are all there as they should be -- just not the extra page I need. Help, Andy.
  6. AndyT

    Symbol design

    Further to last post: Yes works fine with Size (but symbols locate at top left hand corner so had to do an expression in the location tab to keep my changing size of circle centred. e.g. Size=Abs(ch1(0))*100 Location= 50-Abs(ch1(0))*100/2 worked for me and using Test for my input gave a dynamic resize of a circle in my case. When trying out rotate with a triangle it also changed size as the 3 corners snap to the edge of the box. Not what I wanted so I put a circle around the triangle and this fixed it. Then make the circle background color so not to see it. Kept the triangle in shape. Good fun but I may upgrade to a version with the symbol library. Pity Express did not just include a few of the 3600 or so you get with higher versions.
  7. AndyT

    Symbol design

    I am new to DAQFactory and using a LABJack U12 with the bundled Express version. Landed on this topic when searching for how to draw symbols. Found some pointers in this forum and then explored. Well I am having success using OpenOffice Draw v3.1.1 and drawing simple symbols with circles, triangles etc and then just selecting one in draw, Ctrl+C to copy to clipboard, and then in DAQFactory Symbol property pages just do the "double click" in the symbol cell. With circles or elipses drawn in OO Draw they imported as just octagons (as they did when exported to .wmf and opened in Windows Paint). However if you first right click on the elipse object in Draw and then select Convert/Polygon it changes it to a 64 sided polygon that imports into DAQFactory just fine. Now to see if I can get symbols to re-size (scale) under control of a channel value. Andy
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    Update August 2010 ----------------------- This is still valid and now works with latest DAQFactory Express v5.79 which allows DDE and Excel 2003. Just have to change security settings from default in Excel to allow Macros to load and run under Tools/Macro/Security. Nice simple examples that are easy to follow and they both work fine (just edit the chanel name from test to your DAQFactory channel name you want to read in and log). Thanks, Andy
  9. Hi, new here but could I draw a simple pfd in say PaintShopPro and then have this in the background of a screen and then use the DAQfactory objects to provide values like flow rate, temperature, pressure in boxes at the relevant points? How about showing the status of a valve - open / shut Only planning a small project for DAQfactory for our university process teaching rig that only has one reactor, a stirrer, two filters, screw feeder, couple of pumps etc but really but would like to have the background graphic so it looks like a mimic diagram. Hope I have explained myself clearly enough. Seems DAQfactory is way above our needs but you do seem to offer sensible prices on the smaller versions for just such needs as ours. Andy..