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  1. patrickokeeffe

    Rounding functions

    OK yes that will work fine. Thank you!
  2. patrickokeeffe

    Rounding functions

    I'm working in DF18 and reading the DF17.1 user manual. Feeling a little silly I can't find any rounding-related functions except for "CEIL" and "FLOOR". Is there really no function for nearest number rounding? I have to compute the nearest integer instead?
  3. patrickokeeffe

    COM port access

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm actually seeing this several different serial ports: * With my USB-RS485 converter, it's 100% reproducible * Using NPort virtual com port drivers, the issue occurs roughly 1 in 3 times I click-through the configuration screen * still TBD: whether or not this issue occurs in relation to a physical RS232 port What I don't understand is why the initialization routine would de-initialize a port (what it seems is happening in this situation).
  4. patrickokeeffe

    COM port access

    I've been using version 18.1 and see strange behavior related to serial ports. Immediately after creating a new serial port with the correct port parameters, I see no traffic on that port. However, once I open the port configuration screen and press Save to close, traffic immediately appears. Nothing actually needs to be modified on the configuration screen, it just needs to be opened and closed. This behavior was observed when setting up three different serial devices, and it's reproducible for me too: 1. Open Comm Monitor for port in question (COM7 in this case, assume there is already traffic flowing) 2. Right-click and choose Configure... 3. Do nothing and press Save to close the window 4. Observe traffic has stopped 5. Right-click and choose Configure... 6. Do nothing and press Save to close the window 7. Observe traffic flowing again 8. Repeat again and again I saved a copy of the control document in both states: * with traffic flowing: `compostpile-msmts.ctl` * with traffic stalled: `compostpile-msmts(stalled).ctl` Here is my full environment: * DAQFactory 18.1, Base Release, build 2347 * Windows 10 Enterprise running as administrative user * COM 1-6 are physical ports not in use * COM7 is an Airmar brand RS485-usb serial adapter * port settings: 4800/8n1, 1000ms timeout, no flow control * sends several NMEA0183 compliant streams * other 2 COM ports are virtual comport drivers linked to an nport 5610-8-DT serial port server compostpile-msmts.ctl compostpile-msmts(stalled).ctl
  5. patrickokeeffe

    Cannot configure/monitor serial port

  6. patrickokeeffe

    Can't delete serial port or configure it

    fwiw, I ran into this problem with 5.87c Build 2050 - except the serial port was still present and it was not a rendering problem. I closed DAQFactory and changed the port number assignment of the "deleted" device (from COM6 to COM14). Then I restarted DAQFactory and it threw 'com port not found' errors for the "deleted" device com port (6). That confirmed DAQFactory was somehow stuck to the port and it was not simply a rendering problem.
  7. patrickokeeffe

    Solenoid valve control

    I would also like to comply with the guidelines for controlling relays published by Labjack. @LabJackSupport says: Does this mean the correct way to control relays (to comply with app note) is: // to turn off myChannel.strIOType = "Dig In" myChannel.restart() // to turn on myChannel.strIOType = "Dig Out" myChannel.restart() myChannel = 0 ...instead of just using a Dig Out type channel: myChannel = 0 //off myChannel = 1 //on
  8. patrickokeeffe

    Cannot configure/monitor serial port

    OK, I did try deleting all port-related channels, as well as persist data. No amount of deleting or restarting will allow me to delete the serial device associated with the renamed device. And because I cannot delete or modify it, I cannot use that serial port anymore at all.
  9. patrickokeeffe

    Data in safe mode

    Is it normal for channels to continue acquiring data while in safe mode? I have enabled safe mode, but Labjack acquisition continues and incoming serial streams are still parsed to data.
  10. I made the mistake of changing the Device Name of a serial device and consequently cannot launch Configure or Monitor for the associated port. I changed the name to distinguish it from a second serial device. Now I'm trying to resolve why the associated channels stopped updating with streamed data, but I can't even monitor the data stream or verify port configuration. I tried restoring the original Device Name value, but the Configure/Monitor buttons still do not work. I tried deleting and re-creating the serial port, but the Delete button does nothing and the result is a "comport in use" error. Is there anything I can do to restore this serial device operation? I would really hate to delete channels and start over entirely. This is DAQFactory 5.87c
  11. Can conversions be applied to serial device channels? (specifically in version 5.87c) * The Serial Guide demonstrates the use of "AddValue()" to insert data into channel history * but question 6.13.3 of the User Guide states AddValue() intentionally skips conversions Experimentation confirms I cannot apply conversions to channels of a serial device. Am I really expected to modify the serial protocol to achieve the effect of Conversions? Or some other feature I overlooked that serves this scenario?
  12. patrickokeeffe

    Components do not render

    Thank you! 👍 This is precisely correct and it was rather quick to fix from an Administrative command prompt: cd C:\DAQFactory regsvr32 iProfessionalLibrary.ocx regsvr32 isAnalogLibrary.ocx regsvr32 isDigitalLibrary.ocx
  13. patrickokeeffe

    Pin not properly configured for analog/digital

    Yes, the message was occuring again-and-again, even after restarting DAQFactory. As mentioned, resetting the Labjack unit with LJControlPanel does restore DAQFactory's automatic configuration capabilities. 👍
  14. patrickokeeffe

    Pin not properly configured for analog/digital

    Found a related topic (using external search engine). Since it's an error coming directly from the LabJack, I closed everything and launched LJControlPanel, then Reset the device. This seemed to resolve the problem DAQFactory was having setting the pin configuration. I am no longer receiving this error and am able to set Dig Out channels OK.
  15. Anyone know why these components do not render? I can't see LED/switch/knob/etc components - they are all invisible. Tried adding them to a new page: nothing. Turned off transparency: nothing. Restarted DAQFactory: nothing. What can I do to get screen components working? I'm using DAQFactory Base 5.87c Build 2050 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.