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    Alarm Log File Format

    I would like to know if the Alarm Log File format could be changed. The time stamped is in Systime format and a Date/time text would be more appropiate in a CSV file. The file has not a header line.
  2. ArcadiaInd

    Cleanning Alarm Summary

    As I see your comments there is no reason for these Inactive alarm to be in Alarm Summary as they have been acked and reseted.
  3. ArcadiaInd

    Cleanning Alarm Summary

    Ok. Thanks. But we try most of things you say. We delete the alarms with no result. We active the alarms but new alarm messages appered. The old one be inactive even when we set the Dqftory clock in the minute that alarm message shows. Could you please explain how an alarm go inactive. As I see an alarm is active or reseted and when acked the alarm message is deleted.
  4. ArcadiaInd

    Cleanning Alarm Summary

    Ok. I'll try to be more clear. First the terminology. Lets call " Alarm Message" to the lines in Alarm Summary . Lets call "Alarm" to the variables in Alarms topic in workspace. And lets call "channels" to the variables in Channels at workspace. Ok?. We want to clean Alarm Summary that is to erase all the "alarm messages" on it. This messages remain in summary forever even you acked them, you force on and off the channel value that trigger the alarm and ack them, even you force condition (setting to 1) and then reset condition (setting to 1) directly in alarm and ack them, even you delete de Alarm . We tryed a lot of things and always remain there. Thanks&Regards,
  5. ArcadiaInd

    Cleanning Alarm Summary

    . Its the name you give the list in Daqfactory. I enclose a pdf with the alarm summaryAlarm Summary.pdf
  6. ArcadiaInd

    Cleanning Alarm Summary

    The list of alarms that you call Alarm summary. It's the name it has in Daqfactory. Our application shows a lot of 2013 alarms that we are not able to erase. Even some of them were generated by alarm variables that do not exist yet during commisioning tests. I enclose a pdf.
  7. ArcadiaInd

    Cleanning Alarm Summary

    Our application was saved with alarms fired. So we have plenty of them logged since last year that we are not able to clean from summary. I think this should be quite common to devellopers but I have not find any answer in forum about this. During development tests some alarms were created, tested, then deleted so log messages in summary belong to deleted alarms that it's hard to delete. Please could you give us a procedure to clean up all the summary (something like delete all alarms in other scadas)?. Thanks.