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    Transferring From Xp To Windows 7

    I had to revisit this problem about my document not writing to the windows 7 registry. It was working fine on the machine that initially had ver 5.87 a, then updated to 5.9 something to use the SSL email out. Well, Hackers invaded my old machine again, and showed their pointy ears, so I reinstalled all my stuff to the 5.90 version, because it has my most advanced documents, but, bam, not writing to the registry. I used your advice and reinstalled 5.90 with UAC turned OFF. My document was kopasetic, and wrote to the windows 7 registry. Great!. Then I turned UAC back on to the default setting, and great. My document still writes to the Win 7 registry with UAC back on. Just wanted to share that. Daqfactory has amazing support-right here on the forum, if you look for it. I want to transfer everything back to 5.87, for password reasons, but it would take some work for such little added protection, and I wouldnt get the SSL email out, which is working fine. Which brings to a question. Does SSL email work coming into DF? or just going out? and if not, is that something you are working on, and if not-why not? As usual DF rocks! and keep up the good work!
  2. I've been trying to get the correct amps from the voltage output using an output channel. I can get the 5 volts OK but the amps is only about 50 miliamps, and not enough to run the device I want to turn on and off using channel outs. The device will operate OK using VS and GND on the Labjack U3 (both low and hi voltage models) , but there the amps is > 250 miliamps. What I want to do is set the output to 0, 5 to turn it off or on, but the amps coming from DAC0 to GND is only about 50. 5 volts sure. but not enough amps. Is there a way around this that you can think off? To get enough amps out of DAC 0 to GND to run the device?
  3. Hi- I have run into this "sort" of problem several times-although I cant be certain its the "same" problem as yours. What worked for me is to delete the channel, and then create a new one with a different name, but this requires to double check all your sequences that use the channel and renaming in those places as well. I spent many frustrating months on some critical channels that I also had declared as Globals. And to make it worse, the function I needed to make things work, only worked with Variables. Also, I have found that a "clearall()" in the comand line often does the trick to get things going again with stalled channels. On a different note, and possible unrelated, I have found that the initial Front or Main page of a document cannot be deleted so that you can rename another Page to become the "Main" page by renaming that one. Doing that Hung DF to no end. I use DF Version 5.87-havent updated yet.
  4. JohnyQuick

    Copywrite Daqfactory Document Possible?

    I have one and three covered, or so I think so. Thank you for the suggestions. They are very helpfull. Also, since I have saved copies with dates attached to the name of the document since day one. Shouldnt be hard to show whats mine and whats not. Daqfactory Rules!
  5. Sorry if this topic has been discussed already. Not sure if you can help. Can a DF document be copywrited, so that if a person, by hook, or by crook, used ones document without permission, there would be legal consequences to the (unauthorized ) user. Since the passwords to DF documents cannot be encrypted, can I copywrite my documents to protect my interest?
  6. Sorry this question asked before maybe. I have a device and a sequence that handles a null protocol via a RS232 port. There is a problem that when DF closes, and then restarts, the port is "busy", such that the port cannot be reopened (by DF), and then the sequence doesnt work. However, if I allow about 10-20 seconds inbetween closing DF, and then restarting DF, the port is initialized, OK, and the sequence works. What can I do to script this problem out( in my document) so it doesnt occur, when a user stops, then restarts DF without waiting 20 seconds.
  7. Great, Thanks Ran into the same problem. Right click on " run as administrater" when starting daqfactory, and was able to write to windows7 registry using "Registry.strMyString = "data"" from the command line.
  8. JohnyQuick

    Changing Symbol With Onclick

    Not sure what a CDN is? But the goal is to have everything at one site. Don't want users to go to DC, and then have to go to another site to download/upload files.
  9. JohnyQuick

    Changing Symbol With Onclick

    I have it set up now, so that when a mudlog page (8.5 x 11" printed PDF) is posted to DaqConnect as a jpeg, the file gets added to the symbol library at DC. What I'm trying to do is have a way for a site user to view all the mudlog pages for a job, which may be up to 20 pages or more in total length. As I have it now, just a few pages of the mudlog are viewable. Each Log Page, has its own Daqconnect page with its viewable symbol on that page. I was looking at the img src for my symbols, and the name is quite long. Maybe what I really want is an upload, and download file picker.
  10. JohnyQuick

    Changing Symbol With Onclick

    Hi, I'm trying to make onclick script that will allow a user to "scroll" through the symbols in the symbol library. Rather than adding a symbol control each time a symbol gets added to the library. Is there a way to do this, by clicking on the symbol, the control would change/refresh to the next symbol in the library? --JQ
  11. Need I say more? Make it so that other users cant see your password!!!!!!
  12. Hi I have a routine that writes default channel values to a file. Sometimes this file gets written to with empty values, which of course I don't want to do. So that if nothings there, when my doc-loads, the default values end up empty, and the user has to reinput, or rivive a backup copy and restart my "defaults" file. I have more than one channel value going into "defaults". do I need to check the stringin for all the channels, or just one? here is a sample. Any help appreciated. / Open File and get handle delay(600) // 600 while(1) Private FileHandle = File.Open("C:\myfile.txt",0,1,0,1) // Format string //Private string strText = FormatTime(XY1.Time[0]) + "," +\ //DoubletoStr(XY1.[0]]) + "," + DoubletoStr(XY2.[0]]) if(DoubletoStr(Dpth[0]) == "") // dpth channel is empty? file.close(filehandle) //close the file so wont write empty strings to it? return // no data endif try Private string strText = FormatTime(DPTH.Time[0]) + "," +\ DoubletoStr(DPTH[0])+","+DoubletoStr(BARRELS[0])+","+DoubletoStr(spm1[0])+","+DoubletoStr(spm2[0])+","+ \ DoubletoStr(ACCSTROKES[0])+","+ DoubletoStr(Kelly_Down)+","+ DoubletoStr(BristolSpan)+","+ DoubletoStr(KV0)+","+ DoubletoStr(KVHi)+","+ DoubletoStr(KellyHigh)+","+DoubletoStr(KellyLow)+","+\ DoubletoStr(Reflagdpth)+","+ DoubletoStr(RefVol)+","+ DoubletoStr(pumpout1)+","+ DoubletoStr(pumpout2)+","+ DoubletoStr(Annvolft)+","+ DoubletoStr(lagtime)+","+\ DoubletoStr(ConnectionThreshold) +","+ DoubletoStr(DrillingThreshold) +","+DoubletoStr(CSGID)+","+ DoubletoStr(SHOE)+","+ DoubletoStr(DPOD)+","+ DoubletoStr(BIT)+","+\ DoubletoStr(LithDepth[0])+","+ DoubletoStr(LastSample[0])+","+ DoubletoStr(lnr)+","+ DoubletoStr(Stk)+","+ DoubletoStr(BHA)+","+DoubletoStr(BHALENGTH)+","+DoubletoStr(Well_Name)+","+ DoubletoStr(Company) // Write data to text file //catch() //endcatch File.Write(FileHandle,strText) // Close the file File.Close(FileHandle) catch() endcatch delay(120) endwhile ////so the check is if doubletostr(mychannel[0])=="" is empty nothings get written to the file. Please check this //code----thanks JQ--repeats every 2 minutes
  13. JohnyQuick

    Licence and licence transfer

    I had to re-install windows on my computer, and I need to get my runtime license back onto the computer. I tried to sign into my account, but the old email is no good, so I need to sign in with my current email, but of course-I cant be allowed to do that. How can I get the Lisence # for the runtime for my comuter. My pro lisence is on a crypt token, but I need the runtime version to keep on updating my document. Without buying a new lisence of course. Thanks,
  14. Great-Thank you. Exactly what I need-say something after 3 trys over 20 minutes then reboot would be perfect. Although what is the "? strLastError" I missed using the question mark -or How? to use the question mark.
  15. global string well_number ="Well Number" Great-Ive been asking myself that question for a long time how to do that one! There is a wealth of mudlogging help on the forum from solving anything from lag to wits to even chromatograph integration(which I havent tried yet). Daqfactory is a great product, and Azeotech does more than his share of helping people on his forum with how to do type questions.