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  1. roiyjet

    windows 10 saving

    Hi windows 10 is blocking the option to save log file . sometime its help to open the project as administrator but its not always work . for example when we are opening the Example project "MODBUS PRO " its not let us save the data . usualy we are puting the project on the Startup menue and we need the project to work when the computer starton how we can do is automaticly as Administrator ? is there why to solved the saving issue ? BTW its not meter if its system with AVS , AVAST , windows defender Roy
  2. roiyjet

    Read Pressure Device

    Hey I found out the solution I just use the device through sequence and not using the serial communication protocols thanks anyway
  3. roiyjet

    Read Pressure Device

    Hi we have Pressure transmitter with own Bus communication we have several thing we are not understanding . 1.why we are sending X and getting back X+Y when it should be RX only Y the serial monitor we are getting an response but when we try to read the Dataoutput its include only the data we sent Tx: \001\073\001\080\214 Rx: \001\073\001\080\214\001\201\032\136\119 2.when we are sending the data manualy but config as ModbusRTU we get the right response \001\073\001\080\214 \001\073\001\080\214\001\073\058\144\114\000\000\135\080 but because its not really modbus we are getting an eror whole trying to get out the data here is the Protocol that we wrote and not working well private crc = 0xffff private raw raw[0]=Channel raw[1]=73 raw[2]=1 private string dataout=(chrA({001,073,001,080,214})) Poll(dataout,13) global string Ta=AscA(dataout) return(AscA(dataout)) you can see keller attached protocol we need to read parameter 1 in order 73 Kommunikationsprotokoll Serie30 V3.2.pdf
  4. roiyjet

    CRC &LT

    Hi We have Serial Pressure transmitter that have special protocol , we know how to write and read manualy from the Device. we try to use the CRC function we found in your Form private crc = 0xffff private raw = asca(buffer) for (private x = 0, x &lt; GetLength(buffer), x++) crc = crc # raw[x] for (private j = 0, j &lt; 8, j++) if (crc &amp; 0x0001) crc = crc &gt;&gt; 1 crc = crc # 0xA001 else crc = crc &gt;&gt; 1 endif endfor endfor return(crc) I have stupid but it may explain me everything , what is the &lt is it Lower Then ? why nopt to use < ? what is the AMF ? what is crc = crc &gt;&gt; 1 ? (is it CRC>1 ) ? Regards Roy
  5. roiyjet

    Save String To Odbc

    when I copy the command to sql query inside the access its work fine
  6. roiyjet

    Save String To Odbc

    Description Text 255 AggregateType: -1 AllowZeroLength: True AppendOnly: False Attributes: Variable Length CollatingOrder: General ColumnHidden: False ColumnOrder: Default ColumnWidth: Default CurrencyLCID: 0 DataUpdatable: False DisplayControl: Text Box GUID: {guid {9E8C83FF-2579-49DC-9AC9-CCC1D5D272B2}} IMEMode: 0 IMESentenceMode: 3 OrdinalPosition: 1 Required: False ResultType: 0 SourceField: Description
  7. roiyjet

    Save String To Odbc

    The same problem with the execute() its work fine with number but not with string I wrote private string mess mess='high temperature' command='INSERT INTO Alarms ( Description) VALUES ("'+ mess +'")' dbase=db.Open('Alarms') db.execute(dbase, command) db.Close(dbase) I get DB.Open:DSN=Alarms;ODBC;UID=;PWD=; DB.Execute:INSERT INTO Alarms ( Description) VALUES ("high temperature") 08/20/14 23:51:12.965 Unable to execute: HY010: test Line 27 - Uncaught error in sequence test
  8. roiyjet

    Save String To Odbc

    OK i am sending the db.debugPrint Here I am trying write String and the access format is text where line 28 is qr = db.Query(dbase, command) DB.Open:DSN=Alarms;ODBC;UID=;PWD=; DB.Query:INSERT INTO Alarms ( Description, Startt,Temp) VALUES ("high temperature",1408573849.499,0.641405878969); 08/20/14 22:30:49.505 O1004 Unable to run query: test Line 28 - Uncaught error in sequence test Here i am writing number and its working fine DB.Open:DSN=Alarms;ODBC;UID=;PWD=; DB.Query:INSERT INTO Alarms ( Description, Startt,Temp) VALUES (23,1408573821.078,0.847697205678); DB.CloseQuery
  9. roiyjet

    Save String To Odbc

    unfortunately its not work , the command I get is fine but I am getting error while I try it as String ( I change in access to Number , test it and its work fine )
  10. roiyjet

    Save String To Odbc

    Hi I am using windows 7 ans access 2010 I change the format to TEXT in access I'm writing number into the database without any problem but I cant write string even if the command is running fine inside access SQL query . private string mess mess='high temperature' command='INSERT INTO Alarms ( Description, Startt,Temp) VALUES ('+ mess+ ','+ Temp1.Time+ ',' +Temp1[0]+')' i Also try command='INSERT INTO Alarms ( Description, Startt,Temp) VALUES (''"High Temperature",'+ Temp1.Time+ ',' +Temp1[0]+')' maybe you know why its not working ? Roy
  11. OK thanks its work fine like that
  12. hi I made two day and time component for graph one is start time and second is end time . I make button that should update the end time to be 1000 more then start time . the value of the component is update but the date and time component display is not . the code in the button is : V.dailyGraphEnd=V.dailyGraphStart+1000 page.Graph.UpdateEdits() is it possible to update the date and time display from Var ? (the var value is updating right ) Roy
  13. roiyjet

    Email To Sms Api

    hi I know there is Email to SMS services some of them have option to API in C# or VB Do you have experience with any of this services that can work inside DAQFACTORY ? Roy
  14. roiyjet

    trtaces label

    Hi I dont know how but i know its possible to put label inside the Graph on each traces . were should we define this label ? because when you print black and white its all look the same and the label on the side cant help. Regards Berke Roy
  15. Hi I am using windows XP Hebrew language . everything is working great but every time I am writing inside the properties of component its change after each letter from english to Herew by its self . is there any way to fix this ? its slow down all the work changing letter after letter I am not using any hebrew at my projects . Regards Berke Roy