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  1. Thanks for the speedy response as always. Duplicate page seems to be working fine. We are working on the graphs as suggested. We are running 17.1 Build 2309 Cheers
  2. Hi Guru I have sent you the ctl file as a separate email. Two strange problems have developed. After a restart the last page called "web" will freeze the PC when selected, if the machine is left running for 24 Hrs it will sometimes come right but not always. If the PC is put into safe mode and the page is selected before changing back to normal operation this gives same result works 50% of the time. This only happens on one machine which used to operate normally. Works fine on a different PC but no differences between the two machines apart from brand. Other problem is on page called feeders, you will see I have added a channel called Feeder1_ca_voltage which does not display because of the colour selected, if I remove this channel then the traces appear and disappear at around 20 second intervals. I have tried changing all other parameters in the graph but the extra unwanted channel seems to be the only cure. Thanks in advance.
  3. glaw54

    ACos returning NaN

    Ok, I tried a blank document and it works fine, so something must be changing a variable value to go outside of whats valid for ACos (0-1?), only using x h & R for testing so changed to longer sensible names and everything work fine in the main app. Just out of interest tried to find what was causing the problem but cannot find reference to those variables anywhere else, is there a way to list all variables and values without going through every sequence and page etc. Main thing is its working so thanks for your prompt help once again.
  4. Hi Guru We are trying to calculate the volume of a horizontal tank from the height of the liquid in Daqfactory. I started off with the following simple sequence; global x=0 global h=950 global R=950 While(1) x= 5700 * (R * R * ACos(((R - h)/ R)) - (R - h) * (2 * R * h - h * h)^.5) ?Floor(x/1000000) delay(5) endwhile The sequence initially runs fine (the dimensions are in millimeters, it is a 1600 ltr tank with a radius of 950mm and the fuel height is 950mm ie: its half full and the formula returns 8000 Ltrs. but after 3 or four loops it returns NotaNumber continuously. I am sure its is something simple but why should an identical loop run OK and then change its output. ? Thanks for your help.
  5. glaw54

    dual gateways

    Thanks for your advice, everything is now working OK.
  6. Hello We have recently added a Moxa MGate MB3480 to our sytem to enable TCP to 485 allowing us to remove the serial cards and add flexibillity. The only way I can comunicate with the TCP to serial gateway when using Daqfactory is by giving the Mgate a fixed IP address and setting the PC default gateway to the same address this works great and gives far less errors in our communications than the old system, problem is we lose our conection to the adsl modem and the internet, I have tried numerous combinations of settings including adding extra gateways in the advanced TCIP settings but is still its either TCP Modbus or Internet not both someone suggested two nics but as I can see the mgate and the modem configuration pages I do not think this is a requirement, just hoping that some one has a simillar setup that is working. many thanks.