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  1. jcallen1

    Daqfactory Pro Trial Version Would Not Load

    When I tried to run the program I got a message that said gave several options, Exit or purchase program. I am on day 18 now.
  2. I have been using DaqFactory Pro trial version for a few weeks. However, when I changed the time format on my computer from the format that was in use when I installed it, it would not load. Only when I then changed back to the old time format would it load again. Is there any way to have it load with the new time format which is (example: 7:43 instead of 19:43)? Thanks James
  3. jcallen1

    Alarm On High Voltage Spike

    I am logging voltage data between 0 to 4.5 volts with daily logs twice per day (7AM to 7PM based on your guidance of several days ago).. I would like to have some type of audible alarm (perhaps buzzer connected to LabJack U3) when a voltage spike exceed 4,5 volts. Perhaps the alarm would remain on for say one minute. Is this feasible? If so can it be accomplished easily? An alternative, would be the ability to some how flag any days file that had such a spike that exceeded 4.5 volts. Thanks James Allen
  4. What is the simplest way to have program run continuously but start a new log at 7AM that will run to 7PM and then start a new log at 7PM to run to 7AM and have the date and hourly times saved in each?
  5. jcallen1

    Changing Max Voltage Level

    Please disregard my previous post. I was just contacted again by the LabJack support representative who provided an explanation how to accomplish establishing the maximum voltage to 3.6 volts dc. Thanks James
  6. jcallen1

    Changing Max Voltage Level

    I contacted the LabJack staff and they said setting the maximum voltage to 3.6 volt dc has to be accomplished through the software. Any ideas as how I would set this in the DaqFactory Express software? James
  7. jcallen1

    Changing Max Voltage Level

    I am using LabJack u3 with DaqFactory Express and thanks to you guys help I finally have a program that logs and graphs varying voltage in 12 hour increments. However, the graphs and I suppose logging parameters tops out at 2.5 volts and does not graph input up to 5 volts which is the upper level of the equipment that I am monitoring. What changes do I need to make to the program to accommodate a 5 volt maximum level? Thanks James
  8. I want to use the Lab Jack U3 with Daq Factory Express to log voltage data over a 24 hour per day period beginning at 7AM and ending at 7PM when the file would be saved and a new file automatically started from 7PM to 7AM and ongoing in this fashion with each file having a time or other means of distinguishing it. Could you forward a simple script to accomplish this. I assume such a script would be placed in the sequences section of the program. Thanks you for your assistance. James
  9. jcallen1

    Daily Logging File

    In #2 regarding "Logging f4rom 7AM to 7PM, what is the charater before "3600" in the first line of the second example. My eyes are no so good anymore but I assume it is an "*", is that right? Thanks
  10. jcallen1


    I have set up aquisition, display and logging to reflect sudden ionospheric disturbances and indicating the time of same using UTC time. However, when I save data to be charted in EXCEL, that program indicates that there is a maximum number of data points that can be accepted. I am presently logging at the LabJack/DaqFactory default of every second. How can I modifiy DaqFactory to aquire/log data at say every 5 seconds intead of every second so that I can record 24 hours of data in each EXCEL chart? Also, thanks for your help on charting UTC time - it worked. Jim Allen
  11. jcallen1


    My DAQFactory saves files that are read and graphed in EXCEL. Is there a way for such files to reflect UTC time? Thanks Jim Allen