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  1. During development, UI Panels can be lost from view by inadvertently moving them offscreen. Since the screen dimensions are retrievable from Windows, there should be some method of preventing the loss of Panels. In the Forum currently (20201005), a link given for recovering lost panels does not lead to a solution, just a list of subforums.
  2. Is there functionality in DF to store a 5-value calibration array per channel so that calibration is applied to each value read from, say, a load cell?
  3. BallardHill

    Compare .CTL Files

    Is there a utility or method to compare two .CTL files and generate a DIFF between them, or highlight the differing areas, as can be done with BeyondCompare (and sometimes an appropriate adapter for a particular file format)?
  4. V 16.3 Pro Trial This used to work fine, but cannot bring up Command / Alert Window with View Menu option. Our scripts are shot through with print debug statements (mostly commented out), but we cannot see these now.
  5. In the DAQFactory Users Guide, at, the entry: "Set Channel:The channel or variable that will be set to the selected value." could have appended: "For Radio Buttons, setting the associated Channel to a new Value that matches one of those in the Buttons.Value list will set that Button to display as Selected."
  6. How can a RadioButton option be set active (displayed as clicked) when a given string matches the RadioButton.Buttons.Value? This would be used at Startup to preset RadioButtons from default values.
  7. I'd like to turn on and off the display of non-printing characters in an Edit Box strContents, e.g: Off: Line 1 Line 2 On: Line 1/013/013Line 2 Is there a way to do this in that Component?
  8. BallardHill

    Verifying Export Success

    What is the simplest method to verify that a beginexport command succeeded - that the file was written and closed successfully? From what I've read in the Forum here it seems beginexport runs in its own thread and does not provide a method to detect success or failure upon completion or report same to other sequences.
  9. For internal consistency and to lessen operator confusion, perhaps the Ctl-C and -V capabilities could be added to the Alert Panel, too. BTW: AzeoTech Support is the VERY BEST I HAVE ENCOUNTERED in over 45 years' work in the computer industry. Kudos!!
  10. Adding the ability to use keyboard commands such as Ctl-C and Ctl-V in Command / Alert (and perhaps other windows) would assist in rapid editing when testing Sequence statements during development and debugging.
  11. Yes, it worked from GUI but not in Sequences. And I always try to RTFM before pestering Support. My apologies!
  12. We'd like to dynamically select which Channels are in use during testing sessions. Switching Channel.Timing between 0.00 and 0.01 is reported correctly in the Channel Table, but Variable Values derived from Channels, for instance, do not track the changes (by showing or not the beloved Red X). Stopping the Document and reloading it after the .Timing is changed DOES cause the desired results. We'd like to dynamically re-select Channels during the same run of the Document, as well as change some .Expressions, .LogFileName, and such, to reflect the new selected Channel set without having to manually stop and reload the Document. Is this possible?
  13. Presumably none of the attempts I've made to display the Test Channel on the Graph Component in the attached .CTL have succeeded because the Test Channel Timing is set to 0, which is necessitated by the method used to fill it with computed values? Should Test.Event be used in some way to drive a Graph Trace? TestBed.ctl
  14. I had already switched to a Test Channel, as you advised. Attempting to drive from a sequence to generate the data to exercise control over the value stream. Will attach .ctl file, but be aware I'm still debugging a C1099 error (in line 5 of DataSource). Frankly, I'm loathe to send you the code I'm supposed to be developing, but up against a looming test session on many product samples. This TestBed was intended to provide a known-data driver to work out why the MaxPersistent code is malfunctioning in our primary testing tool, but I'm suffering from cascading ignorance ... TestBed.ctl
  15. BallardHill

    Cryptic C1099 Error Message

    Excellent! Thank you!