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  1. Hi there. i got a M2M GSM modem and trying to switch a button from 0 to 1 for the moment, then once i get that sorted, i can control others. For some or other reason the code doesnt change the button state from 0 to 1. attached is the test2 channel input, and the button input, as well as the .ctl. mike M2M(2).ctl
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. so i did what you suggested and placed button = test2[0] == "Temp" into the event of the test2 channel and stopped the sequence i was running and it still does'nt change the button state to 1 from a 0. Any other recommendations? mike
  3. Good day i have a serial string coming into a channel, and need the string to control another channel but cant seem to figure it out. a single word, being "Temp" comes into the serial channel (test2) and is supposed to control another channel by changing the value to 1 when it arrives or 0 when anything else arrives. can you shed some light on this and how it can be done if possible. thanks mike
  4. hi there i bought a cheap and nasty temp/humidity sensor a few months ago and have been struggling ever since to wrap my head around the instruction manual. i need to change the station address from 1 to 3, and to receive the information in something i can understand. i have used many hexdecimal to decimal converters but still cant make any sense out of this. is it possible to help me please and convert the hex? attached is the manual for the sensor. mike Temperature and humidity sensor modbus protocol (correctable temperature and humidity).doc
  5. thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. i shall change the code. mike
  6. thanks so much for the quick response, most appreciated. ill attach the .ctl, hopefully you can see where i made a mistake. thanks mike weatherTEST.ctl
  7. hello. Is it possible to retrieve HTML code from the HTTP.get() function? I am trying to get weather data that is on a HTML page, not an XML. no matter what i do, i cant seem to get the data out of that page. the string i want to retrieve from that page is : <span id="current-temp-value">19</span><span class="current-temp__unit" id="current-temp-unit">°&#8200;C</span> from the weather sample, i am using : l1 = find(response, "< + span + id=" + tag + ">",0), and every other possibility between the "". the error i get is C1000, channel not found. Could you please tell me where i am going wrong. thanks Mike
  8. mike72

    Receive Email

    hi guru that looks much better.... i can understand it now. thank you so much yet again. mike
  9. mike72

    Receive Email

    hi guru thank you so much for the quick reply, but it flew straight over my head. you got a simpler one? i just need to switch a relay (m2force) to 1 or 0 mike
  10. hi guru I send mail out of daqfactory, but how do i receive email to switch a relay on or off? been through the help but hit a blank. I got the first part of the sequence going, without errors, then i lose it. could you post a little example please, so i can see. thanks mike
  11. yip, i understand it now guru. thanks again for your help. mike
  12. i got channels recording temps, and have min/max values assiociated with them, but they dont hold their values for very long. on the temp channels, ive got the history lengh set at 9000 and persistance for 1000000. if i push up the history length, it starts to interfere with the machines processor. so just out of interest, wanted to find out where the min/max values i get, get their values from. ie, the history or persistance. if i want to read the min or max value of the outside temp from 9 months ago, its going to be a whole load of data that its going to have to hold in memory. mike
  13. hi guru just to let you know, the square brackets didnt work either. the button is only pressed once or twice a month. had to go the 2nd option and make another test channel, KwhChangeTime and works perfect, thank you. another quick question, mix/max values, are they stored in the history or in persistance? mike
  14. hi guru guru, been hunting around again but cant find any help or examples of my following question: i would like a variable value compenent to show when last a button was pressed. let me explain, i got a pay-as-you-go kilowatt meter counter on my clt, and whenever some one gives a new value to the kwh channel, i would like to display whenever that date was. if i put FormatDateTime ("%c", kwh.Time(0)) in the variable value component, all i get is the local time. mike
  15. mike72

    La Crosse Ws 2300

    just an update on the last bit of code, looks like the close handle does the trick. havent had it die on me for a week now. thanks guru mike