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    Logging problem BasicCounter.ctl with U12

    OK. I understand. This will help! Thank you!
  2. benndorf

    Logging problem BasicCounter.ctl with U12

    This is part of the Logging file. It contains the correct counts. But the Time scale is not changing. I need qa logging of both: Counts versus time. How cab I obtain this? The 2D display during measuring depicts correctly counts versus time.
  3. I am using a Labjack U12, measuring frequencies from a homebuild QCM (quartz crystal microbalance) pruducing TTL rectangular signals 0 -5 V. I used the „BasicCounter.ctl“ with modification for my problem. I included in the page 0 a 2D graph, demonstrating the number of raw counts vs. time, which is working perfectly. With the logging into csv files I get the raw counts correctly, but not the time scale, which should change from seconds to seconds. What could I do to get with the logging a correct time scale? I include my modified „BasicCounter new.ctl“ and a screenshot from page 0 I appreciate very much your comments. Kind regards Carsten BasicCounter new.ctl
  4. I am using for a long time two DAQ Labjach U12. I was allways happy with the DAQFactory Express. But I had to install a new computer and downloaded recently DAQFactory Trial. It does not convert after the 25 days of the trial period into the free express version. When I start the DAQFactory software, a message appears saying that the trial period is over. Indicating two different ways to enter an unlock key. What is wrong? How can I get again the free version of DAQfactory express? Saludos Carsten, from Lima, Peru
  5. Dear DAQFactory forum, Dear Mr. Guru, concerning the nested loops I am looking forward for your advice. Here is the script, which I tried to use: // Spectrometer Control private low=2 private high =5 private step = 0.01 private t = 0.5 Output0= low Output1=0 //output0 is the coarse voltage setting (0, 1, ....4) //output1 is the ramp which increases in steps of 100 mV (finally 5 mV) while(Output0 < high) while(Output1<1) Output1 = Output1 + step read(Input) delay(t) endwhile Output0=Output0 +1 endwhile[/CODE] When I start this script, the ramp with "Output1" increases from 0 to 1 in the step width 0.01. When it reaches 1 I find that "Output0" is set from 2 to 3. But then the program stops. What I want is that the "Output1" starts again (from 0 to 1 in steps 0.01) and then the "Output0" is going to 4 and finally stops when the "Output1" ramp has finished. What is wrong with my script? Saludos cordiales Carsten
  6. I use a ramp of 0 -5 V of my LabJack U12 to control a spectrometer. For survey spectra the 10 bit resolution (5mV steps) is sufficient. For detailed analysis, however, I needed to increase the resolution to 12 bit (1 mV steps). This I achived using simultaneously both D-A outputs of the U12 and a differential opamp amplifier used as a "summer". The first outputs from the U12 was used in fixed steps of 0, 1, 2, ... 4 V. And added to this (by the "summer") a ramp with steps of 5mV, which were divided by 5 by the "summer" in order to achieve the desired steps of 1 mV. This gives for the whole range of 0 - 5 V a resulution of 1mV. It works! I attached a fig. of the simple circuit for the "summer" with the differential amplifier (I used a LF 356); total cost of the parts about 10 -15 US$. Power supply (+12V, -12V) were obtained from the PC AT power supply. For me, there is still an open problem in the programming, which I have not yet solved. ?Is it possible to use in the DAQFactory script nestled loops of the following form: while ...//steps of 0, 1, 2,...4 while ....//steps of 0.005 up to 1 ..... ..... endwhile endwhile I tried to write a script in this way. But it did not do what I exspected. The ramp stoped after the first run of the nestled loop. Is there another way of programming? I am allways very pleased with the help from this forum. Carsten Benndorf, from Lima, Peru
  7. I want to use a ramped output (0-5V ) devided in 5mV steps to control my AES spectrometer and read at the same time an input signal.To start with, I used the RampSample.ctl and made my own modifications. See, for example, my post from January 29, 2013. The ramp should start with a certain volt. In the script (Sequemces) I used for example "private Low = 2" The ramp should end also with a certain voltage. In the script "private high = 4" Also I included in the script a "private step = 0.005" and a "private t=1.0" for the delay. I want to control these values from "pages", where I also can start the ramp (my measuerment). How can this be done? Again, I am very glad about this forum and the help I have received recently. Carsten, from Lima, Peru SpectrometerControl.ctl
  8. Again, thank you very much for your help. I solved the problem. But... I wrote a new script, also based on the LJGuideSamples and made my own modifications. Now it works fine. But I really dont know, what was wrong with my first scipt. Anywhow, I am now quite satisfied. Best ragards Carsten
  9. Dear Mr. Guru, thank you very much for your prompt reply. Yes, by retyping I made the two errors you mentioned. I changed the timing for " MyChannel" to timing = 0.00 Instead of err= and addvalues I used read(). However, after the output ramp has finished, the input channel "MyChannel" is still reading data. What the hell I am doing wrong? Again, thank you for your help. Carsten
  10. I am a new user of Labjack U12 and Daqfactory Express. For my measurement I need I ramped output, 0 to 5 Volts in steps of 0.05 V with a deleay (channel AO0, "Output"). For each steps I want to measure an input voltage (channel AI0, "MyChannel"). I used a script from the LJGuideSamples/RampsSample.ctl and made my own modification: using("device.labjack") include(c:\daqfactory\labjackud.h") private err private val Output=o while(Output<5) Output = Output +0.05 err=eGet(0,LJ_ioGet_AIN,0,@val,0) MyChannel-AddValue(val) endwhile When I startet the sequence, it works fine, but... I get the ramp, I can see the incoming values from "MyChannel". But when the ramp is finished, "MyChannel" is still reading data. What I need is the following: Each time the sequence set a new step in the ramp, I want to read a value from "MyChannel". If the ramp has finished, I want also to finish the reading of "My Channel". How can this be done? I am looking forward for usefull help. Carsten, from Lima, Peru