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    Export String Data To File

    I am trying to write strAlert data to an export file but have been only semi successful. In my StartUp I set global string dispmsg = strAlert and use this in a table component. This seems to work well but if the operator does not note the messages they are gone when the application is closed. I have been able to append dispmsg to my export file with the following code in my message sequence but I get between 50 and 10k lines for each mesage. I want one line with time stamp in my export file for each displayed message. while(message) global string dispmsg = strAlert private handle =,0,1,1,1) file.Write(handle,message) file.Close(handle) endwhile
  2. DKrohn

    Stralert For Messaging And Alarming

    pardon my ignorance but reading the manual did nothing for me. I do not understand how to use the OnAlert() or the try/catch blocks. Can someone give me examples of how to use these?
  3. I am using DF standard on a stand alone non network attached project that measures length and diameter of a product. I have run into a number of instances where errors have caused many samples data to not be exported. I have set up 3 variable value component lines to display stralert[0], stralert[1], and stralert[2], as well as a page with a table to display all the stralerts. While this works to display the messages it still does not capture the operators attention, espesially when the same message is repeated several times. I am looking for a way to alert the operator of a repeated error as well as critical errors while giving them the ability to quiesce the warning until a new critical error arrises. Is there a way to capture only new stralert messages with timestamp and write them to a variable? All the posts I have been able to find have related to messaging only available in the DFpro version. Thanks for any help, Dave messaging.ctl
  4. I would like to retrieve the device serial number and version number from a U3 Labjack during initialization and set a string variable for use during file exports. Is it possible to do something like that? global string DevSN = command
  5. DKrohn

    Verify Export Write Completed

    I write a set of variables to a text file after the completetion of a physical operation. If the export directory is not valid or the file is open, no data gets recorded and no error is displayed. Is there a way I can validate that the data was successfuly recorded? And, is there a way I can write to the file even if it is open in another window?
  6. I have set up a channel to read register N7:6 in a PLC but have not figured out how display it as an integer.