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    Runtime License

    Thanks for your response to my question. As a follow up question, how can one retrieve the already existing Run-Time License from the Computer that has it now? I would appreciate the steps to take on how I can get the existing Run-Time License transferred from one computer to the other. Like I said, it's been long I used Dacfactory, and our Customer needs this information from me. Regards, Igho
  2. igho

    Runtime License

    I have a Runtime License installed on just one Laptop that runs my Daqfactory application program. Now, I want to install the same application program on other laptop just as a backup copy. My question is if am supposed to have other Runtime License installed on the second laptop? It's been long I used Daqfactory and labjack, and I would appreciate any answer to my question. Regards, Igho
  3. Guru, as a follow up, how do I make the background of my pages black or dark?
  4. I am having problem with viewing the workspace and the components on my workspace while running my application under Sunny condition outdoors. Is there a particular way I could change the brightness or opacity of the workspace background and components? What can I do? Thanks
  5. igho

    Start/stop Button And Keyboard Keys

    Guru, thanks for your time and help.
  6. igho

    Start/stop Button And Keyboard Keys

    Guru, thanks for your response. I have tried use the OnChar, and also tried using onkeyup system events. I have also read old examples and read section 5.28, but to no success. My problem is that I have a button that toggles On and Off to start and stop the logging set. I was able to get windows scan code for my machine as follows (Ctrl P = 80) and (Ctrl S = 83). I have done something like if (key == 83) LoggingSetName = 1 endif. Unfortunately, it does not start begin my "loggingsetname" when I press Ctrl S. My question now is how do I code it on the System events to imitate the button on my page, anytime I press the key or combanination of keys that I have found the key scan codes? I would appreciate your help.
  7. Guru, I just discovered my mistake. I didn't change the "mylog" in your code to the name of my logging set. Kindly ignore my previous comment that I am not able to change the file name and path from the dialog window. Thanks for your help.
  8. Guru, thanks for your response. When I add the script you suggested, then am no longer able to change the directory and file name from the dialog window that pops up. Rather, the file path and name remain the same even after I change it in the dialog window.
  9. Am currently executing a project using Daqfactory in which I have a Start/Stop button Component that I just click to start or stop logging set. I was wondering if it were possible to also start or stop the logging set by pressing keys on the keyboard. I would appreciate any kind response.
  10. Thanks a lot for your prompt response. The code I used is just a copy of what you used and posted in other post. The code is: private string fileName = file.FileSaveDialog(logging.myLog.strFileName,"","*.csv","CSV Files") if (!isEmpty(fileName)) logging.myLog.strFileName = fileName endif
  11. I desire to log to a file so that I can open it in Excel. I also create a button component that I can just click to change file names that I want my logging saved into. Initially, I had my filename under my logging set end as in .csv. Also I had the file name on the button component end as in .csv. However, I noticed that when I used the button component to change my file name/path to a new file name, it changes the file name/path under logging set also, but doesn't make it end as in .csv. This problem now makes it difficult for me to open the saved file successfully in Excel, because the system tells me that it is saved in a format different from Excel, even though I have my FileSaveDialog function coded for any new file name to always end in .csv?