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  1. Thanks very much! I will definitely make good use of this!
  2. Is it possible to send a get request with HTTP.get() to a port other than 80? I have a local webserver running but it can't run on port 80 (already used). I can visit the webpage fine in a browser by going to "" But in daqfactory this seems to fail: ?http.get('','') HTTP Error: The server name or address could not be resolved
  3. mxy

    DAQFactory 5.85 New Features

    Aah, found it: seems like it should have been "local string transient" instead of "local transient string"!
  4. mxy

    DAQFactory 5.85 New Features

    (I'm using 5.87) Is "local transient string" broken? I can't seem to get it to work at all; on the other hand, "local transient" works fine. For example, append either of these two lines to the "Json support" example above: ?o.s //produces "C1000 Channel or function not found", expected "abc" ?oo.s //produces "C1000 Channel or function not found", expected "abc" Thanks Matt
  5. mxy

    Some Basic Pointers

    Hi I'd like to do something like 1), except I'd like all the "boilers" would be on the same page. That is, a user component I can re-use which (perhaps) has some property I can set once which does the job of the "currentBoiler" string you suggested in 1). This is how it would work, ideally: 1. make all the channels for a new boiler, prefixed with say "B4_" 2. place the user component (which contains a bunch of sub-components with displays for the boiler) 3. set a property (or similar) on the user component to tell it that its prefix is "B4_" 4. all the sub-components can use "evaluate(prefix + 'RestOfChannelName[0]')" Can you advise a way to achieve something like this? I tried to do it by giving all of the components for each boiler an identical component name, which would allow me to give them all a property, but that failed when I realised I need a few of the components to have unique names. Is there some way to set a property of a group which can be accessed by all the group members? Or is there a way to loop through all the members of a group from the group's code? Cheers Matt
  6. Hi I'd like to improve the readability of my UI. Is it possible to make the text of screen components (buttons, text, variable values) non-bold? Cheers, Matt