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  1. KenMandile

    Auto-Start Not Working

    I can start it manually without error. It just won't auto-start. I will email the .ctl doc.
  2. KenMandile

    Auto-Start Not Working

    I have a program that has been working fine for a few weeks, but now, when I restart it, the auto-start sequence does not start when I open the file. I can manually start the sequence and it runs find, but it will not start on its own. As a test, I turn on auto-start in another sequence. That one also would not auto-start.
  3. KenMandile

    Gethistory Not Working On Remote

    Release 5.90 Build 2127
  4. Is there a code for verifying that my remote is connected to the server? I would like to display a message on the remote copy to show that it has disconnected from the server so that someone viewing the data will no that it is not updating. I would also like the remote copy to try to reconnect when it disconnects.
  5. I am trying to use getHistory to get the last value of a channel, but it does not work. If I force new data into the channel on the server, it does update on the remote copy okay. In the sequence on the remote I have: S1.getHistory("Event_3", 0, 1) S1 is the connection to the server. Event_3 is the channel. I really only need the most current data from the channel, not the entire history.
  6. KenMandile

    Hardware Key Licence

    I removed the key and plugged it back in. It seems to be working n
  7. KenMandile

    Hardware Key Licence

    I moved our licence to the hardware key, but now I get a message saying that I am on a trial version. Is there something else that I need to do to get DaqFactory to recognize the hardware key?
  8. I have a page that displays the time when an alarm fires. If there is no alarm, then the message is hidden. Next to this message is another variable component that shows the elapsed time since the alarm fired. If the alarm has been reset, then I want the elapsed time component to disappear, along with the alarm message.. When the alarm fires I save the system time to a channel called Event_1. The elapsed time is a variable Down_1 = systime() - Event[0]. When the alarm is reset I make Down_1 = 0 In my variable component on the page, I am able to hide the Event_1 (the time the alarm fired), but I cannot hide the elapsed time. The variable component event expression is: FormatDateTime("%H:%M:%p", Channel.Event_1(0)). I set the threshold color for 0 to match the page color to hide it. This works fine. The elapsed time expression is: FormatDateTime("%H:%M:%S", Down_1) . It displays properly when Down_1 has a time in it, but I cannot hide it by setting the threshold to zero. Is the threshold for a channel handled differently than for a variable?
  9. KenMandile

    Trouble With Beginseq

    I am trying to get a remote runtime copy of a program to run, but it crashes unless I wait 10 to 15 seconds before starting the sequence. If I start my program, wait, and then start my sequence, everything is fine. I assume that it has something to do with loading the data from the server at startup. To get around this issue, I created a separate autoload sequence: while(1) Delay(30) beginseq(Startup_Team_2) endwhile The problem that I have is that the beginseq doesn't work. I've tried to start other sequences using beginseq and they also do not work. It works fine on the server, but not on the client. Is there something else I need to do to use beginseq?
  10. I am trying to save myself some time by using a for statement to step through a set of variable names. I have 29 machines being monitored and when I need to change or create script for all 29 it takes awhile. Here is an example of a piece of script that works fine: while(1) Global Star_22_24hr = 300 * (sum(GREEN_22[systime(), systime()-86400] == 0))/86400 //calculates % of up time over past 24 hours Global Star_22_1hr = 300 * (sum(GREEN_22[systime(), systime()-3600] == 0))/3600 //calculates % of up time over past hour Delay(5) endwhile Star_22_24hr and Star_22_1hr are the variables that I am calculating using data from the corresponding channel GREEN_22. Rather than write this over 29 times, I tried this: while(1) Private.machine = 17 //machine #17 is the first machine in this group for (machine = 17, 28, machine ++) //loop from 17 to 28 Global "Star_" + machine + "_24hr" = 300 * (sum("GREEN_" + machine [systime(), systime()-86400] == 0))/86400 //calculates % of up time over past 24 hours Global "Star_" + machine + "_1hr" = 300 * (sum("GREEN_" + machine [systime(), systime()-3600] == 0))/3600 //calculates % of up time over past hour endfor delay(5) endwhile It runs without errors, but it also does not seem to be putting any values in the variables.
  11. I want to create a copy of my program to run on a second computer using my runtime license. The remote copy will use the same data as the main copy. To do this, I want to create a connection to the server where my original program is, but if I pull out the hardware key to set up the runtime on the second computer, DaqFactory shuts down. How do I get DaqFactory to keep running so that I can set up the connection?
  12. KenMandile

    Reading Csv File

    I am trying to read a fixed delimited csv file, but I am not clear on how to identify the location of the data that I want to read. If I want to read the data from the 4th row, 3rd column into a channel called V.Cycle_4, what is the correct format for the File.ReadDelim function? I have: V.Cycle_4 = File.ReadDelim( ), but can't figure out what goes in the brackets.
  13. KenMandile

    Page Capture

    I want to print my pages to a jpeg file so that they can be sent to our website for viewing. I tried to use page.capture, but I get a message saying that my DAQFactory version does not support capture. I have the Base version. Do I need to upgrade to PRO?
  14. I am monitoring the status of our CNC machine tools. A zero means the machine is running and a 1 means that it is not running. I want to calculate the average run time for the past hour, so I need to sum my readings. I know that if my total of the 1200 data points is zero (reads once every 3 seconds) then the machine ran 100% of the time. Is there a function for summing the values in the channel history?