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  1. svego

    Hikvision IP and DF

    hi, there is -302 error... Can you explain how to install that plugin in DF ? VLC media player works fine with that link. also what about http method ? here , http://user:password@´╗┐ I have static picture, so you mean to reload it very frequently ? how, in some sequence ?
  2. svego

    Hikvision IP and DF

    Hi, is there any way to get rtsp stream from IP surveilence camera ??? for example, I can get static picture from Hikvision IP camera ( Browser component) http://user:password@ -> example for Hikvision IP, works OK to get RTSP rtsp://admin:password@ --> error Failed to load URL rtsp://admin:password@ with error (-302). It's very useful when customer see live stream... is there any way to get live stream to DF ?? THX Damir
  3. hi, I found somewhere bat file that runs ping test from txt file.. Results are saved in separate txt file like here, IP address and ping result has" ;" delimiter; is OK; is NOT OK; is OK; is OK; is OK; is NOT OK; is OK So, here in attachement is sample of code My plan is to make map with devices and change colour depending of ping result. I created sequence to activate bat file and save results in file pingresults.txt in format IP address, ping result. system.ShellExecute("D:\razno\ping_test_boje_ver3.bat","open","D:\razno","hide") --> runs BAT file but I can't hide it from main screen ?? How to read results from file pingresults.txt and store results in array ?? what do you suggest ? ping_test_boje_ver3.bat servers.txt
  4. but DF did not created file probe2 ?? "d:\razno\probe2"), now I have result 0.000, 0.000, 0.000 ( variable value component ) there is no error but ping is still not working...what I missed ?
  5. can you give me example ?
  6. Hi, To check if all devices work OK I'm using expression ( systime() - temp_gorice.time[0] > 5 )..Now I need to check other IP devices eg. TCP/RS232, access points, IP printers , IP cams that is not modbus so only solution is to ping them. so here I need to make sequence like this... function checkPing(string ip, string path) system.ShellExecute("cmd","","/C ping " + ip + " > " + path, "", "hide") delay(5) private h = file.Open(path,1,0,0,0) private string data = file.Read(h, file.GetLength(h)) file.Close(h) return(find(data,"TTL=",0) != -1) I want to show for every device on network their TTL time like... node 12 ( Lexmark printer, room 12) : 12ms node 15 ( IP cam, room 14): 10ms etc... please see screen, is that OK ? DF freezes.. what should be there ... string path --> path to txt file with ping results... ??
  7. svego

    Javascript examples

    I forgot, there is no DAQFactory, only DAQBridge that collect data
  8. svego

    Javascript examples

    Hi, I have several channels that show through the time graph ( DAQ.x332_A_dnevna_temperatura(), DAQ.x320M_temp_vanjska() etc..).. Can you help with some examples how to calculate minimuam, maximum and averege value for some time period like .. 9.10.2017 minimum temperature: -25.5 C at 6.37 max temperature: 5.5 C at 14:33 average temperature 10.4 C I guess that script must be under: Page properities -> Refresh tab THX Damir
  9. svego

    custom email alert

    No, I meant in DAQConnect...In my case on site is DAQBridge to collect data...There is no DAQFactory
  10. svego

    custom email alert

    Hi, I'm asking this on public forum because I think it is interesting to others.. Is it possible to make customised email alarm / status info in script from outside mail server (POP3 over SSL/TLS )??? at this time I get mail alarm from DAQConnect support, but I want to customise it with my own subject, channel list, alarm description etc.. eg... if (channel_A and channel_B) = true then send email to xy@xyz from email THX a lot... Damir
  11. Hi, I need help to read values from kWh meter...To scan modbus registers I'm using CAS modbus scanner (Chipkin Automation Systems) and I can get some values ( pls see att..)..All data values in the SDM230Modbus smart meter are transferred as 32 bit IEEE754.. DAQFactory returns zero values. Can anyone help with that ? Scanner reads values but DF not. How to read value from 30001 and translate this to 230 V...? Here scanner from this address reads 17253 ??, it should be voltage value ( about 230 V )... THX Damir, Croatia SDM220Modbus_protocol_V1.1.pdf
  12. svego

    mySQL insert - alarm event on channel

    this works...( SMS server send SMS content to +385xxxx005 with content IC bariera ALARM 02:11:2016 20:09..) db.Execute(dbase,'insert into smsserver.messageout(MessageTo,MessageText) values ("+385xxxx005","' + FormatDateTime("IC bariera ALARM %d:%m:%Y %H:%M", SysTime()) + '")') //------- but I don't know how to do that with variable ?? for example... MyStringVariable = FormatDateTime("ALARM %d:%m:%Y %H:%M", SysTime()) Alarm_channel_value=Format("My Value: %.2f",x_300_temp1[0]) text_to_send=MyStringVariable+Alarm_channel_value db.Execute(dbase,'insert into smsserver.messageout(MessageTo,MessageText) values ("+385xxxx005",'text_to_send')')