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  1. Sanchez

    DAQFactory Lite

    Hi Azeotech Is DF Lite capable of using the serial port functions? I want to read and write to a USB device that appears as a virtual serial port on Windows. I also need to log and trend about 20 channels.
  2. Sanchez

    DF as MODBUS Slave

    I still don't understand how to do it. The string I receive from the master is: 001-003-000-000-000-032-068-018 And I can not change it. DAQFactory is not responding to this. I tried with Modbus # of 0, 1 and 2. Same result.
  3. Sanchez

    DF as MODBUS Slave

    OK, I have two devices acting as masters reading at different bauds that's why they read different addresses, it was just a coincidence that the one at 9600 started at address 3. Why DAQfactory can not respond to a command asking register 40001? That's a problem because most of my slave devices start their maps at 40001. Is there a way around this? Thanks
  4. Sanchez

    DF as MODBUS Slave

    I am having a similar problem. DAQFactory responds as modbus slave when the baud rate is 9600, but it does NOT respond at 19200, even after initializing the port. I am sending screen shots of channel table, and port traffic. Please help Thanks.
  5. Sanchez

    Modbus RTU Slave

    Hello, I have created a serial device with protocol Modbus RTU Slave. I also created some channels and asigned the respective modbus addresses. I can monitor the activity in the port but there is no response from DAQfactory, I see only RXs. I am not sure how to configure the channel table (see attached). Where do I specify the modbus address (i.e 40001) in Ch# or Mod Slave#? What effect does the I/O Type parameter has? I can not change it. Thanks
  6. I have tested the Channel.AddValue() function to read my 700+ channels all at once and it works very well, is not lightening fast but is more efficient, that's the way to go.
  7. Ok, the Channel.AddValue Function looks interesting, I am going to try it, although it's going to take some time. Another question that I have is: Does having too many channels slow down DAQFactory? I ask because our application is modular, meaning that it can control systems of several sizes, so I have declared Channels to cover all sizes. However most of the times, the systems are small, so there are several channels that are not necessary. I wonder if having idle channels reduces performance. Thanks
  8. That works perfectly! Is this a feature of the latest versions? I think before with version 5.35 you couldn't do that. Thanks
  9. I didn't put any script in the channel event tabs, unless it happened by accident, I have to check one by one. Another thing that I used is execute instrucctions. //Zones++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ private.zone_counter1 = 45 private.zone_counter2 = 62 for(private.i = 1, private.i < (var.numberzones + 1), private.i++) //Zone Error execute("IPS_Zone_" + ...) //Active Zone execute("IPS_Zone_" + ...) private.zone_counter1 = private.zone_counter1 + 2 private.zone_counter2 = private.zone_counter2 + 3 endfor I have groups of channels with the same name, just differentiated by an index, like: IPS_Zone_1_Error IPS_Zone_2_Error IPS_Zone_3_Error etc... Up to 12 So, I tried to be efficient and use a for loop, instead of typing the 12 AddValue instructions. Would this slow down the sequence significantly?
  10. Hi, My application runs on full screen mode on a touch screen panel, we don't want the user to go to Windows to play around so the only way they can go to Windows is by pluging in a keyboard or if they have a password that I put to close DAQFactory. However, we need to display some manuals in pdf format, the way I am doing that is with a button with this code: system.ShellExecute("C:\IPC11000\I&Os\MyManual.pdf") However this opens the PDF reader on top of DAQFactory therefore exposing Windows to the user. Is there a way to display PDF files inside a DAQFactory window? just like the help displays HTML. Thanks
  11. Sanchez

    Comparing Arrays

    Ok that works. Thank you.
  12. Sanchez

    Comparing Arrays

    What's the way to compare two arrays? I am using an IF instruction and it only compares the first value of the array. private.test1 = {0,1,0,0} private.test2 = {1,0,1,0} if(private.test1 == private.test2) ? "Equal" else ? "Not Equal" endif This code gives me 'Not Equal" as I expected. But if I change to: private.test1 = {1,1,0,0} private.test2 = {1,0,1,0} if(private.test1 == private.test2) ? "Equal" else ? "Not Equal" endif I get "Equal" and I was surprised. After playing around a bit I found that the IF only checks the first value (i.e. private.test1[0]). Do I need to use channels instead of private variables? Thanks.
  13. Hi Azeotech Guru: I am using modbus RTU to read about 700 registers from 3 PLCs. Here is the sample code of how I am doing it: Private.Data_Integer1 = 0 while(1) try Private.Data_Integer1 = Device.ModbusRTU.ReadHoldingRegistersSSI(1,1,125) catch("D") endcatch CTSU_DIFF_START.AddValue(Private.Data_Integer1[0][0]) CTSU_DIFF_STOP.AddValue(Private.Data_Integer1[0][1]) CTSU_DIFF_100.AddValue(Private.Data_Integer1[0][2]) CTSU_DIFF_NORMAL.AddValue(Private.Data_Integer1[0][3]) CTSU_INTERVAL.AddValue(Private.Data_Integer1[0][4]) //More Channels here endwhile I am showing only 5 channels, but I do the same for the aprox 700 channels that I have. The problem is that this is slow, and the values on my screens don't update quickly, sometimes it takes 4 seconds or more to update. Is there a way to make it more efficient? I have paused the alarms before reading. I have set the Thread Priority to 0, otherwise the computer becomes too slow. I have put a switch statement to execute only the AddValues of the channels displayed on the screen that is active. Thanks.
  14. Sanchez

    License Question

    I need it for tweaks, mainly: - Correct modbus addresses when using the Device.ModbusRTU.ReadHoldingRegistersSSI(x,x,x) instrucction in sequences. - Modify text components on the pages. - Modify translation using DF translation tool. Would that license be enough? Thanks
  15. Sanchez

    License Question

    Hi Azeotech, I have developer license. Is there a less expensive license that would allow another person to make changes to the documents I created with the developer? It won't be used to create new documents, only to modify existing ones. Thanks.