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    Command / Alert Message

    Hi everyone, I have the daqfactory software connected to PLC FATEC to control a blow moulding plastic machine, but the program is not working and an alert message appears in the cammand / alert tape which is " unable to load device driver DSXMODBUS.dll, check file path and make sure manufacturer's drivers are installed ". What should I do to get the program working and connected to the PLC? thank you for any help
  2. ahmedaboueid88

    Connection Used By Another Process

    Hi, We have daqfactory connected with FATEK PLC using USB to SERIAL connector to control timers and temperatures of different zones of a blow moulding plastic machine and the problem is when running the program appears in the daq program command/alert tab a message saying ''connection used by another process'' while no other programs is using that port and I don't what is wrong, thanks