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    Hi, I'm using DaqFactory to control pumps, valves, etc. of a small biological reactor. And, I've also a transmitter box (Liquiline CM448, Endress&Hauser) measuring pH, T, etc. connected to the same computer via an ethernet cable. Unfortunately, I'm struggling reading the data from the transmitter box in DaqFactory. The communication protocol of the box is ethernet/IP. Does it mean that I have to create my own protocol to read the data? And how difficult is that? I'm quite familiar with DaqFactory, but I've now experience with communication protocols. Would it be easier via Modbus TCP? Endress&Hauser sells Modbus TCP licences for their transmitter boxes?
  2. I've a very basic question concerning the use of an arduino in combination with DAQFactory. I've an Arduino Mega 2560 connected to the computer via USB, but I don't know how to configure it to be able to control it with DAQFactory. I tried "Quick->Device configuration->New serial..." in DAQFactory. There, I defined the serial port configuration parameters (COM3, baud 9600, etc.) and as a protocol I selected "Null protocol". But, it didn't work. Do I have to download a Modbus protocol for the Arduino? Or, what else do I have to do? In a first step, I would simply like to acquire data from sensors connected to an Arduino.