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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to display 2 different values from the same input in DF. Using 2 different channels, one of them has the built in 'Conversion: Thermocouple' selected and the other does not. I want to display the converted temperature reading and the raw voltage reading at the same time using the built in converter equation for the temp channel. However, when this is implemented, the channel that does not have the conversion selected is automatically converted to the temperature value. Is there a way around this that would easily let me display both values without hard-coding the conversion equation. -Using DF 5.91 with a Labjack U6-PRO and a type J Thermocouple. In picture the 2 channels in question are RAWVOLTAGE and Temperature.
  2. Dear Support, I am using OPC between the PLC and Daq. I have an analog output to control the valve. This channel is a REAL Value in PLC. But I could not convert word to integer in my OPC. So, I think I need to convert it in Daq Scada. How can I convert the normal set to REAL Value? For Example: 20- 16xxx 30-16xxx Thanks in advance, Sadyr
  3. Hi Everyone, I started with DAQfactory about 3 weeks ago, and I might be missing some important fundamentals, but I'm having issues understanding and solving formulas for my conversions. I am using a LJt-7 pro, and I am attaching a Alicat Scientific flow meter to measure the flow of hydrogen from a reactor. It is powered by a 9 volt, so the wiring is pretty simple. All I have going into the labjack is a signal out and a ground. My readings will be 0.00ish while my PSI is at 0.00, and my value is around 5.12 when my PSI is maxed out at 25.6. I need a formula to give me a reading between 0 and 25.6. The formula equations don’t seem to be intuitive, as it took an email to daqfactory and some odd writing to get a thermocoupleK reading to work properly, and I’d love to know the formula and the trick to entering the proper formulas to get the values I need. Thank you! -Anthony Ponce De Leon
  4. I'm trying to convert the analog signal from a thermistor-resistor network to a temperature. (I know a thermalcouple would probably be better suited for this, but for now I have to work with a thermistor.) The data sheet on the thermistor does not give a single expression for converting resistance to temerature, but instead gives a table of values at certain temeratures. So I thought I might be able to simply put this table into a function, pass the input of the channel into this function so it can find a resistance, interpolate between known points and then return a temperature. However, I'm having a lot of trouble getting a custom function to work correctly in the conversions. In the expression for the conversion, I am calling the function like this: Test_Sequence(Value) Where Test_Sequence is defined as follows: function Test_Sequence (input) private output output = 2*input return output The function Test_Sequence behaves as I expect it to (from the Command/Alert window anyway), but when I attempt to use it in the conversion expression, it doesn't seem to do anything. Is there something I'm not handling correctly?