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Found 6 results

  1. TheNovice

    Ctrl + F across DaqFactory

    Hi, Is there any way to do Ctrl + F (Find) to find something from all the code or text written behind components, alarms, channels, sequences, etc. Or is there any way to save all the code and comments in a single text file or something similar, making it easy to find something in old project created by someone else. Thanks!!
  2. dvalerio

    Set and Read Register

    Hi..! I am working with DAQFactory, and I want to know if it's possible to make a channel with ModbusRS485 Device Type to be an Read/Set Register at the same time. In the control I have, I can do it local, with a COM Tester, but with DAQFactoty I have reading channel or writing channel, but not both. Is there any way to establish a Channel to be readable and writable? Help..! Thanks.!
  3. oburak90

    I Can't Logging To Mdb File

    Hi all.. I m newbie on daqfactory.. i can logging with txt and csv file but i can't xls, mdb and dbf.. anybody can help me with sample ctl or codes?
  4. Hi, I am trying to display 2 different values from the same input in DF. Using 2 different channels, one of them has the built in 'Conversion: Thermocouple' selected and the other does not. I want to display the converted temperature reading and the raw voltage reading at the same time using the built in converter equation for the temp channel. However, when this is implemented, the channel that does not have the conversion selected is automatically converted to the temperature value. Is there a way around this that would easily let me display both values without hard-coding the conversion equation. -Using DF 5.91 with a Labjack U6-PRO and a type J Thermocouple. In picture the 2 channels in question are RAWVOLTAGE and Temperature.
  5. igho

    Runtime License

    I have a Runtime License installed on just one Laptop that runs my Daqfactory application program. Now, I want to install the same application program on other laptop just as a backup copy. My question is if am supposed to have other Runtime License installed on the second laptop? It's been long I used Daqfactory and labjack, and I would appreciate any answer to my question. Regards, Igho
  6. I am trying to connect Unitronix Vision 130 to DAQ factory via MODBUS TCP protocol. I tried with the OPC server (unOPC) but can not get the tags. In DAQFactory CHANNELS I use UniOPC-MyDevice. MB or MI but can not read variable. I try with MODBUS TCP protocol but also can not read the variable. I try to use SEQUENCER with this code . Can someone help me with an example? UNITRONIX code? Regards, Bojan