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Found 3 results

  1. MrDeathStar

    Reserved Word Warning

    Today I was moving code from some old sequences into a single new sequence with a switch statement. The old sequences were being called by some variable value components and worked well. I updated the components to call my new sequence and DAQFactory locked up. Sequences that demonstrate this problem are attached. TimeAsVarName.ctl It is interesting that the old code works well but a lockup occurs if I use the case statement (with the variable declared outside the switch code). The problem seems to stems from the use of 'time' as a variable name (since 'time' is likely a reserved word). It might be a nice future feature to have the parser fail with a warning if a reserved word is declared. Not sure why DF hangs.
  2. raining010

    Strange Time Value In Dat

    Hi, Admin I used alarm dat, checked the content inside, found time was very strange, "1381090615.122" And the time in x axis of trend, is also like this. Of course my windows time is not this, I guess the time variable in DF
  3. Hi all, I've been working on streaming some data, namely some digital inputs on FIO4-7. I'm successfully streaming channel 193 and getting good data. However, when I try to use scanrates>1000, I start running into timestamp issues, where blocks of data all have the same timestamp. My guess is that it's an issue using excel time - perhaps excel time doesn't have capacity for resolution > .0001 seconds? When I turn off excel time, it seems to run fine (obviously I have to calculate time differently since it's now seconds from 1970). In case I wanted to use excel time, do you know a way around the limitation in resolution? Thanks!