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Found 1 result

  1. I was coding a quick sequence that modifies Page.strCurrentPage in a button component (5.87c). I found that the quick sequence can be called twice if the button's page is part of the new Page.strCurrentPage list. In my case, I was trying to use a button to toggle between "Page_0" and "Page_1,Page_0" where Page_0 is my main page and Page_1 is a help panel. It seems that the click event for the Button on Page_0 is passed though again to the same Button immediately after changing to the new merged Page_1,Page_0 pages (similar to how stacked components like panels under symbols can get clicks in the stack.) I have attached an example showing the issue. Monitor the command window for output with each button press. If you press the 'Page_0' (top) button, then Page_0 is set and emits "Page_0". If you then press the 'Page_1,Page_0' (middle) button, it merges the pages but calls the button event twice which emits "Page_1,Page_0" twice. Order is important, since pressing 'Page_0' (top) followed by 'Page_0,Page_1' (bottom) button does not pass the event twice. Any tips on preventing this effect since I intended to use the button to 'toggle' the page changes? Calling a sequence that does the change seems to help because the sequence is already running when the second event attempts to begin the sequence again...however, could the sequence run fast and allow the extra event to pass though sometimes? Maybe I could set a flag in a quick button sequence with the 'On Mouse Down' checkbox set, and then use that flag for another normal quick sequence in the button. Other ideas? Thanks for you time. PageChangeTest.ctl