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Found 3 results

  1. Finally got multiple arduino slaves being monitored and controlled by Daqfactory. I've been working on this for the past 2 weeks and found no documentation available. I'm able to read analog inputs registers, write to and monitor PWMs registers, read & write to digital pin registers. Communication is through two wire modbus RTU. It's simply fascinating, i can literally monitor an control any of my inputs/outs in real time using cheap arduino unos. Stuff that is done by some really expensive PLCs out there. I'm still making some documentation, but if any of you need assistance post in the forum.
  2. hye..first of all i am at the lower level of understanding the DAQFacory together with Arduino. Actually this is a very basic question.sorry if its sound stupid. so my component are Arduino Mega. What i want is to connect the Mega to DAQFactory using Rs232 and display the data of analog pin,also plotting the graph. yes, i have read a post and the documentation related but still confusing. my bad. FYI, i try the quick guide for device configuration but when i open the Channel under the LOCAL, there is NO data or graph display..did i miss something?maybe some configuration mistake.only the data at the 'monitor' display the reading. for the Chn# , what is the exactly for Mega and how to determine that. device type i choose ModBus RTU I/O type i just select 'read holding UN-32bits' coz there is no UN-16bit.. thanks in advances.
  3. I've a very basic question concerning the use of an arduino in combination with DAQFactory. I've an Arduino Mega 2560 connected to the computer via USB, but I don't know how to configure it to be able to control it with DAQFactory. I tried "Quick->Device configuration->New serial..." in DAQFactory. There, I defined the serial port configuration parameters (COM3, baud 9600, etc.) and as a protocol I selected "Null protocol". But, it didn't work. Do I have to download a Modbus protocol for the Arduino? Or, what else do I have to do? In a first step, I would simply like to acquire data from sensors connected to an Arduino.