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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a quick way to purge unused or orphaned channels that are not referenced in a DAQFactory application? Thanks, Win B.
  2. Hi Everyone Can someone please help me? This might be a silly question but I am very new to DaqFactory and I've only done some very basic things. Register in my header file "Modbus.h": //Code #define h_STATUS0 0 #define S_ReadyToStart 0x0001 #define S_PreStart 0x0002 #define S_Run 0x0004 #define S_Cooling 0x0080 #define S_Short 0x0010 #define S_EFL 0x0020 #define S_Stop 0x0040 #define S_OverVoltage 0x0080 #define S_UnderVoltage 0x0100 #define S_VoltageUnb 0x0200 #define S_OverCurrent 0x0400 #define S_UnderCurrent 0x0800 #define S_CurrentUnb 0x1000 #define S_EarthFault 0x2000 #define S_PhaseLoss 0x4000 #define S_PhaseRotation 0x8000 //End of Code So I have a holding register (h_STATUS0), that contains bits, and each bit represents a "status", which on my output is an LED. If I set up a channel in DaqFactory "wh_STATUS0, channel=0", and I want to use the channel but set only "S_ReadyToStart" (0x0001) to "1", how do I do this? I hope this question makes sense and that someone can help me:) Thanks in advance!
  3. I have 2 channels: - A with a gas concentration, read from a LabJack every 5 seconds. - B with a flow rate, getting a new data point each time 20 ml have passed the flow meter, which can be more than an hour. What I want to do is displaying both the raw gas flow (channel B ) and the flow of my gas (i.e. channel A multiplied with channel B ). However, if I just do "A*B", then the program will multiply the channels as arrays, without taking care of the different time scales. Is there a more elegant way to do this than by creating a help channel which is filled with "A[0]*B[0]" every time a new data point is recorded in B?
  4. Hello! How can one export the data from some channels that weren't included in a logging set during the run of an experiment? With the help of the manual I got to the stage of creating an export set with each channel I forgot to log initially in one row of the Main tab. Into the Expression column, I put one channel name each (Line_9 to _16 in this case). In the Details tab, I adjusted all possible settings to the same state or values as the Details tab of the successful logging set. However, I'm unsure how to restrict the data set to the time frame of my expirement (10 days in this case)? I am sure that the persistent data reaches much further back and I don't want/need to export more than necessary. Can you please let me know the precise instructions? In particular, what has to be entered into the Expression column of the 8 channels? I'm sorry, but the functions and variables lists from the manual was too technical for me. Thanks and greetings! Katrin