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Found 2 results

  1. I am trying to read register value from Banner DXM 100 controller. I created COM port serial connection- 19200,8, none, 1, 1000ms. When I am trying to read register 2 using Channel # as 2(also tried 40003), I am getting P-ModbusRTU 0010: Timeout error on every read and P-ModbusRTU 0014: ID Mismatch error after several reads. I am trying to read every 2 seconds with offset 0. Port monitor and channel details look something like the image below: I have tried 'n number of ways to read the register value, by changing- modbus ID(on the device and Daqfactory), baud rate, channel#, timing, offset, I/O type, device timeout(to 2000ms) etc. but no luck. Has someone encountered such issue before and can help me? Thanks!!
  2. Andre

    Connected Com Ports

    Good Day I am busy with a project were the comport needs to be detected automatically. I did the code by checking from Com Port 1 – 50 trying to connect to each port and requesting data. This works slowly but gets the job done. I was wondering if there was a way to request the connected Com Ports from windows and only checking the connected ones. Kind Regards Andre