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Found 2 results

  1. I have just started using DAQFactory and now DAQFactory Express (both Release 17.1 Build 2309) for monitoring a temperature controller via RS485/Modbus. I am impressed with DAQFactory (thanks to the developers for such a great product) and am slowly getting an understanding of how to use it after lots of attempts, reading and searching of the forum. I have been able to configure a new RS485/Modbus device in DAQFactory and successfully connect using a USB-Serial adapter to a Shimaden SRS11A temperature controller and retrieve the current temperature value. I have also configured a single channel and a logging set which work well. I am trying to add some error handling to manage serial port errors on the RS485/Modbus connection such as when the RS485/Modbus device is powered off, the USB-Serial adapter is not plugged into the computer, or a RS485/Modbus timeout. I am using the OnAlert() function to deal with these types of errors as they are not caught by using the Try/Catch approach in scripts/sequences. This is catching errors/alerts OK except I am observing inconsistent behaviour. I have an auto-start sequence called Main which sets the Channel timing to zero then does a device...initcomm() to see if communication is working. When I setup a test scenario where the USB-serial adapter is connected but the RS485/Modbus device is powered off, I sometimes get a timeout error, no error or an occasional error where DAQFactory cannot load the driver TriLogi.dll (I am not using this driver, my device is using the supplied ModbusRTU one). The fault is probably something I have or haven't done but I was wondering whether anyone has seen something like this before? Any help or suggestions are welcome. Thanks Paul
  2. Hello, I've been using DAQFactory for over a year to monitor and control a bioreactor growing algae. I've written sequences to do all the logging and also error handling. I don't use many try-catches but I have secondary scripts in place to make sure solenoid valve doesn't stay opened longer than its specified time. Usually when an error occurs, the script just stops running. But this time, the whole program froze when the valve was open and we killed our culture by saturating it with CO2. I briefly saw the error message in the output and should have taken a screen shot but did not. I had never seen the error message that was output; it said something about an issues writing data from one of our channels and something about a file name. Is there anyway I can check the logs to determine what happened? I really want to make sure this error doesn't happen again.