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Found 4 results

  1. XDK

    Unknown Error In Draw

    We have a program that crashes from time to time. The error message says "Unknown Error, save your document under a different name before proceeding: in draw". This happens randomly in a frequency of about once every few days. The error is probably related to some of the objects under in the panel "MFC 1", "MFC 2"... or the sequences related to them. If we remove these objects and sequences, the program can work for weeks without any problem. The objects and sequences under "MFC X" panels basically send a string with a RS232 serial port, parse the string that is returned, and then show the results on the panel. The ctl file is attached. New GMP V1.1.ctl Would you please provide some idea on improving the stability of the program? Many thanks!
  2. The error C1099 translates to: The given operator or function does not exist. The system knew a token was not recognized but does not REPORT it. Alternatively, how can we use debugging to determine the token that was not recognized?
  3. steveandrews

    Device Error Handling

    Hi, I want to catch the device errors thrown by Daqfactory when a labjack is disconnected or not present on startup. I have some startup code that autoruns and initiates the labjack etc. I want this code to try to communicate and catch the device error if no labjack is present and display a message box saying the labjack should be plugged in etc. Then when the message box is 'ok'd', it tries to run the startup sequence again. I also want to catch the error when it's disconnected whilst running, although in this case it will reconnect automatically but I would stop a sequence running and display a message. The error code is D0050:01:1007 for no labjack found - i assume the 01 is the device number and the last 4 digits the unique code. It's 1015 for labjack disconnected. I know how to catch 'C' errors and display messages etc. I have tried catch("D0050") and catch ("D0050:01:1007") with no luck. Any tips? Cheers Steve
  4. I'm trying to load a DLL using extern(). This is a known good DLL as I have this same project running on 3 systems (one Win7, two Win8) without issue. For some reason I get the "Unable to load DLL" error on this 4th system. At first I thought I might have some permissions / UAC issue, as that's bit me before on a new PC, but I disabled UAC, installed as administrator, ran as administrator, and even tried the XP compatibility mode to no avail. The file path is OK, because I can copy and paste the path it says it couldn't load ("C:\Users\..\..\myDll.dll") into a Run... dialog such as "notepad [path]" and it'll pull it up. Any ideas? Clearly this has to do with file paths or permissions somehow but without more information than "unable to load" I'm having a hard time narrowing it down. My next step is to dig up the Visual C++ solution for the DLL and run it in debug mode, but that's a lot of installation and setup that has a decent chance of ending in VC++ never getting called at all, which won't tell me much. I'm also going to try a simple version of the load in a different project with an easy file path and see what that gets me. Taking all suggestions here. Thanks.