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Found 2 results

  1. I am want to use Ingear which works well with AB PLC to bring information into Daqfactory for shripcharting. so I wrote a quick dll using to test the possible solution and I can not get it to work, I have tried short, long ushort and strings but the function call fails in DAQFactory. I have 2 Call statements one for int and the other for string; Also I tested the dll by loading back into VB.NETand the call statements work. extern("C:\ClassLibrary2.dll","long Call1","Call","stdcall") extern("C:\ClassLibrary2.dll","string Call2","strCall","stdcall") this portion seems to work. in other sequence I call x=Call1() or strx = Call2() and I get C1000 Channel or function not found so I am sure the problem lays with the compiling from VB.NET or the extern format I must not be understanding. thanks for any help; or if there is another method of using Ingear inside of DAQfactory. simple dll written in VS2010 VB. NET I complied it for x86 Release Public Class Class1 Public Function Call1() As Int32 Dim result As Int32 result = 25 Return result End Function Public Function Call2() As String Dim strRESULT As String strRESULT = "Hello Dale" Return strRESULT End Function End Class
  2. I'm trying to load a DLL using extern(). This is a known good DLL as I have this same project running on 3 systems (one Win7, two Win8) without issue. For some reason I get the "Unable to load DLL" error on this 4th system. At first I thought I might have some permissions / UAC issue, as that's bit me before on a new PC, but I disabled UAC, installed as administrator, ran as administrator, and even tried the XP compatibility mode to no avail. The file path is OK, because I can copy and paste the path it says it couldn't load ("C:\Users\..\..\myDll.dll") into a Run... dialog such as "notepad [path]" and it'll pull it up. Any ideas? Clearly this has to do with file paths or permissions somehow but without more information than "unable to load" I'm having a hard time narrowing it down. My next step is to dig up the Visual C++ solution for the DLL and run it in debug mode, but that's a lot of installation and setup that has a decent chance of ending in VC++ never getting called at all, which won't tell me much. I'm also going to try a simple version of the load in a different project with an easy file path and see what that gets me. Taking all suggestions here. Thanks.