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Found 3 results

  1. BruceCardoza

    Creating Reports

    I am looking for a way to export a test report. Example: We acquire configuration and calibration data from a modbus slave. We then take a screen shot and paste it into a Word document. Instead of the screen shot, I would like to export a text file using a button The closest that might work is using an Export set. Before I explore this further, any other ideas?
  2. I've run into a problem related to export sets and DLLs. Basically, if I export a certain way after opening a project, then try to call a DLL which writes to a (different) file, the DLL write doesn't work. In fact, lots of other problems arise in DLLs because of this, not just the file writes, but that's the easiest thing to verify. If, however, I simply call the DLL function, it runs and creates the file fine. Only if I export BEFORE calling the function does the problem arise. Again, the files are unrelated. The DLL is not writing to the same file that the export set is writing to. I've attached a very small project which shows this, including a tiny DLL with one function that just writes some text to a file. The project automatically loads the DLL. To see the problem, manually type the following two commands into the Command / Alert window: beginexport(DebugExportSet) fnSimpleDLL() [/CODE] This has to be done RIGHT AFTER OPENING THE CTL. If fnSimpleDLL() was run successfully already, the export doesn't seem to cause a problem for subsequent calls. I included a sequence that shows this, but don't run it directly because somehow the timing of it means it doesn't always show the behavior. To test that fnSimpleDLL() actually does something, [b]close and reopen[/b] the project and just type: [CODE] fnSimpleDLL() [/CODE] You should see "simpledll.txt" show up in the project directory (assuming you double clicked it from explorer. Side note: It's weird that DAQFactory's working directory is different depending on how you open a file. Tough to work around). By the way the DebugExportSet exports to C:\debug.csv, and the specific settings of the export set MAY MATTER. I hope the procedure to reproduce the bug makes sense. I've verified this with two projects, different DLLs, different export sets, and different PCs. It's also holding me up on a much larger project so I'm hoping to get some feedback ASAP. In the meantime I'm trying to work around it by making sure I never export before running my DLL functions. Here's the code for the DLL's function: [CODE] extern "C" SIMPLEDLL_API int fnSimpleDLL(void) { FILE * outfile = fopen("simpledll.txt", "a"); fprintf(outfile, "Hello\n"); fclose(outfile); return 42; } [/CODE]
  3. I have a pretty straightforward File Save Dialog in a quick sequence. Code looks like this: private string fileName = file.FileSaveDialog(g_log_filename,"","*.csv","CSV Files")[/CODE] where g_log_filename is an existing global string containing the full path to a CSV file. But when the dialog comes up I don't see existing files with the CSV extension in the directories I'm working through. I thought the filter might be wrong, but "*.csv" is exactly what tooltip example has in it. How do I fix this? Also, at the bottom of the dialog where you can choose "Save as type..." from a dropdown, there is usually some random text from one of my scripts stuck in there somehow. I'm guessing the FileSaveDialog doesn't actually use the Save As Type, but it'd be better if it only showed *.csv. See attached screenshot. OS is Windows 7.