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Found 10 results

  1. TheNovice

    Thaw and Freeze Graph using code

    Hi, Is there any way we can Thaw and Freeze graph using code. Eg.: component.graph.Freeze() and component.graph.Thaw() Thanks.
  2. Win

    Graph Trace Disk Space

    How much disk space is required to store data from 20 traces for 13 months and will that data bog down DAQFactory? Thanks, Win B.
  3. TheNovice

    User Graph Interaction

    Hi, I was working with graphs and I came to know that when in runtime when hold ctrl key we can move graph and zoom in and out with mouse click. Is there any way to restrict that and show graph as plain static image type. Thanks.
  4. sbickle

    Panning horizontally on a graph?

    Can someone explain how to pan horizontally on a graph? I'm a newbie and have no idea how to make this work. Thanks in advance.
  5. Is there example code for: 1) Using computed data added into a Virtual Channel with Time; 2) That can then drive a Graph Trace 'real time'; Need this in a testbed to investigate why a Persistent Max value drops once the Peak Value shifts out of History instead of Persisting.
  6. Hello! I have created an application on my development station that do logging (very basic: ASCII, with time intervals of 30s) and display graphs and it is working perfectly on this station. But when I copy the application to another computer that have runtime license, It behave like following: the logging is going (I checked the txt data files) and initially (when opening for the first time) I can see real time graph, but after some time or after closing and reopening the application the graph is not displayed any more (neither real time graph nor the historical one) although the logging into txt file continue to work well. I tried this on two different runtime stations with the same result. Could you explain me what may be the problem, please? Sincerely, Ian Rybak
  7. hye..first of all i am at the lower level of understanding the DAQFacory together with Arduino. Actually this is a very basic question.sorry if its sound stupid. so my component are Arduino Mega. What i want is to connect the Mega to DAQFactory using Rs232 and display the data of analog pin,also plotting the graph. yes, i have read a post and the documentation related but still confusing. my bad. FYI, i try the quick guide for device configuration but when i open the Channel under the LOCAL, there is NO data or graph display..did i miss something?maybe some configuration mistake.only the data at the 'monitor' display the reading. for the Chn# , what is the exactly for Mega and how to determine that. device type i choose ModBus RTU I/O type i just select 'read holding UN-32bits' coz there is no UN-16bit.. thanks in advances.
  8. I am looking for an example of scrolling the time axis of a graph, is there a simple way to create scroll bars to be to able to quickly scroll through the time of the graph and zoom into the graph to find the time frame you are looking for?
  9. muniprasad

    Graph Alignment

    I have 2 OPC channels. I create a graph like as X vs Y Graph. I take latest 10 values from 2 channels. I give it values like as Channel1[0,9] and Channel2[0,9]. But my graph showing reverse order Suppose Channel1 contains values like this 9 - 150 8 - 250 7 - 250 6- 350 5 - 450 4- 550 3 - 650 2 - 750 1 - 850 0- 950 I get graph starting from 950. but i want to graph like as start from 150. How can i accomplish?
  10. Eliminate the pre-defined display layer hierarchy of other animated objects vs. graphs, panels, and symbols. In the specific scenario that prompted the request, for example, I wanted to place a symbol object (with controlled visibility) partialy obscuring a variable display object.