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Found 6 results

  1. Can DAQF graph logged data or must it be graphed using Excel or something like it? If DAQF can do it, how is it done?
  2. Hi I am trying to create a graph that begins at zero at a zero time stamp. However when I change the graph x expression (in graph properties) from "time" to anything referencing "systime()" the trace disappears. My approach was to use the start time from a button that runs the below code: global expStartTime1 = systime() // Test Phase Timer global expStopTime1 = 0 global GraphTime = Time() and create a graph using the x expression "systime()-expStartTime1" (with bottom axis set to time and date). I have tried heaps of things but it appears that when systime() is used I lose the data? Any help would be really appreciated.
  3. I added a single Line Annotation to the ''Left Axis 1" of my graph. The expression is a global variable (i.e. g_level) which is changable by a user control (i.e. SpinButton) to provide a way to mark a threshold level. The Line Annotation is drawn if the global variable's value is within the Scale To/From range of the "Left Axis 1". Once drawn, however, if this value goes outside the axis range, the Line Annotation remains incorrectly drawn at the last prior expression value within the range. It is not removed from the graph. The Line Annotation is removed as expected only if there exists another Line Annotation in the graph that can be drawn. On a related note, how do I delete a Line Annotation? For example, create a 2D graph. Add a line annotation with expression set to value 1. (Line annotation appears in the graph.) Delete the line annotation. Result: A line annotation still appears in the graph. 5.87c / Build 2050
  4. I found a strange graph problem...if I set a graph component's Bottom Axis 'Time Width' to 15 seconds, then graphing will stop painting during trending. I have tried versions 5.87c, 5.91/2203, 5.91/2213 and express on two different machines. I discovered this issue when using the streaming mode / LabJack, but found I could duplicate it without hardware. Creating a 2D graph of a Test channel (timing 1.0) will show the problem after a few repaints (typically less than 20 seconds). I have not found any correlation to Page Refresh (tried .25, .4, .5, 1, and 2 seconds). Is this a known issue? Are there other poor choices for Time Width (i.e. factors of 15)? I was implementing a user control that allows dynamic adjustment to view trace details, but may need to reconsider.
  5. I have encountered two lockup/hang issues while using 5.87c that I wanted to report to determine if they are known issues, find out if they have possible workarounds, or assess if they sound like specific local environment troubles. (1) During development I have learned to save before deleting component(s) from a page since doing so will sometimes trigger a lockup (i.e. Windows reports that the application is "Not Responding"). I previously thought this might have been related to deleting graph components which had been created through Ctrl-D (Duplicate), but found that it can occur with other components too and regardless of duplication. Also, the trouble can happen regardless of sequence code status (i.e. usually not running and without acquiring channel data). (2) In one of our applications we use PopupModeless to show a larger/detailed Timeline graph for the X/Y elements of a selected process graph on the main screen. The PopupModeless page uses a graph with a left and right axis and one trace which is dynamically removed and added according to the user selection on the main screen. Everything works great and the user can select items from the main page to update the graph in the modeless popup. The trouble occurs randomly and only when the user closes the popup using either the 'X' button or a page button which calls PopupClose. Windows reports that the application is "Not Responding" and the user can wait or close the application. NOTES: In the case of (1), this has occurred during development of different .ctl applications. In the case of (2), the application has a background thread / sequence with a fixed delay() that gathers data via LabJack APIs, modifies some values, and issues AddValue to store results into the channels which are graphed by the main screen and the modeless popup. The development machine is Windows 7 SP1 / 64-bit. The runtime machines vary. The recent lockup for (2) happened with a runtime license before experiment data could be exported. Any pertinent information would be useful. (We noticed a 5.91 (build 2203) is available and are curious if it might correct these issues, but we don't want to lose compatibility with current .ctl files if that version may be unstable.) Thanks for your attention.
  6. rlrepoff


    Hello, I am trying to create a histogram that will be able to seen in real-time. Here is my situation that I am trying to put together, but I am not exactly sure on how to use the histogram function within DaqFactory to display my histogram. 1. I want to create a histogram for the following calculation: (CO+CO2)/[(CO+CO2)max] (CO and CO2 are channels that I have set up to measure the Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide from a serial device. They are currently test channels and are receiving data every 2 seconds from the sensors.) -Is there a way to make the histogram with the maximum value being included, even if the maximum value might be changing throughout the whole experiment? -Additionally, I would like to be able to normalize this histogram with the number of points that have been used in the histogram during the experiment (I want this to be real-time, too). This way, I can get a percentage of the time spent in each of the bins. This value will be changing (every two seconds) similarly to the maximum value of CO+CO2. The main concern that I have is that if DaqFactory is doing all of these calculations, it might get bogged down and freeze up. The length of my test would range up to 2-3 hours at the maximum so we are dealing with about 5400 data points/history for each channel. Do I have to set up V channels for this? And do I have to include any specific packages to be able to use the histogram function within DaqFactory? Thanks for your help and let me know if you need anymore information about my setup!