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Found 4 results

  1. Win

    Graph Trace Disk Space

    How much disk space is required to store data from 20 traces for 13 months and will that data bog down DAQFactory? Thanks, Win B.
  2. Our application collects load cell data from multiple sensor channels, offsets and scales it, then displays the maximum pound force to date in a Variable Value Component named AllStrapsMax. The data is processed in this Sequence: (((max(StrapLeftHead[0h, systime()]) - 1.250) / (0.00375375 * 201)) + ((max(StrapLeftShoulder[0h,systime()]) - 1.250) / (.003928 * 201)) + ((max(StrapLeftHip[0h,systime()]) - 1.250) / (0.003969 * 201)) + ((max(StrapLeftKnee[0h,systime()]) - 1.250) / (0.00394988 * 201))) * 1000 (Yes, the constant calculations could be pre-calculated to increase efficiency.) The displayed maximum value reverts to a lower LBF once the peak data has passed through the channel histories, whereas we need that maximum to persist in another Variable Value Component (MaxPersistent) until some Control action occurs, such as clearing the Log. We need some way to conditionally copy the AllStrapsMax value to MaxPersistent (perhaps using the evaluate(component.myComponent.strExpression) technique you educated me about a year ago), but this needs to trigger each time the AllStrapsMax value changes, or at worst after each set of channel samples. Can you provide some guidance?
  3. lpriegue

    Graphing And Recording Continuosly

    Hello all, I have set up a timer, configured as a quadrature from LJControlPanel. (Labjack U6) Everything works well, but with the DAQFactory I am not able to graph the data, just the last value obtained. The expression that I use is the following: (timer input=count) (count[0] - count [1])/(count.Time[0]-count.Time[1]) Could anyone show me how can I graph and export the history data and not just the last value? I know I have to play with and without [0] but I can not see the solution Many thanks for your help Best regards Luis Priegue
  4. Hi, I have a typical setup of main DF polling from my devices and a client DF connected to it. Everything is fine - but the history on the client get cleared when the client DF restart and another issue - it is not the length as the "server" DF but rather very short period of a day or so. I suspect it get the history reading and not the persist. The size of history on the server DF : Persist = 3,600,000, History 3,600. What would be a good setting with 5 sec poll/point for a 6 month's history? In order to make certain I do not loose historical data in case of PC sudden shut down - what is the recommended settings? I use DF 5.87 latest build. Thanks!