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Found 1 result

  1. I'm having trouble in my project when reading some channels in a sequence at load time. The Channels are set up, but none of the A to D channels are set to read automatically (I just want to read at specific times). Basically when my init sequence runs I get an error such as "Request made on pin not properly configured for analog/digital". The sequence contains about half a dozen Read() commands on various inputs and an assortment of digital output settings. Now, since the initialization sequence failed I'll restart it manually, and get similar results but it gets a few commands further before giving an error. I'll do it again, and everything seems to go fine but one of my digital outputs is in the wrong state (always the same one). Then, running it a 4th or 5th time, everything goes fine. This only happens when the LabJack hasn't been used since being plugged in (i.e. I can restart the whole project after it works and it'll work the first time). The biggest problem I have is that I can't even catch all of these issues with OnAlert (to fully automate the retry process). On the last time through an output is in the wrong state so I get no alert. Why does it take so many attempts to get this working? I have a debug/testing project I set up with the same Channel list as my main project. This other one DOES automatically poll certain channels. When I plug in the LabJack while it's running I get the similar "Request made on pin not properly configured for analog/digital" errors for several reads before they go away. The issue seems to be based on the number of attempted reads rather than real time. I.e. in the first example if I wait a full minute between retries it still takes 4 or 5 times through my init sequence. If the failed reads aren't something I can fix altogether, I need some way to programmatically get to the point where all my I/Os operate as expected, and to know for sure that I'm there.