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Found 4 results

  1. YamidP

    log errors

    Hello everyone I need to record the errors that DAQfactory reports in a plain text or file where an error history is displayed Does daqfactory generate an error log file? but how can I create that file? Thank you
  2. oburak90

    I Can't Logging To Mdb File

    Hi all.. I m newbie on daqfactory.. i can logging with txt and csv file but i can't xls, mdb and dbf.. anybody can help me with sample ctl or codes?
  3. Hi There I was just wondering if DAQ factory had a facility for outputting the command / alert line to a file that is updated in real (realish) time? Regards Rich
  4. raining010

    How To Display Log In 2D Trend

    Hi, Admin The customer needs to display log file in the DAQFactory using trend type. I already display it in the table, define 10 variables to display different column of log file. The code is like below Private i=0 While(1) F_line = file.Read(F_handle,1) //break out if empty string, meaning end of file If(F_line == "") break Endif L1=FormatDate((strtodouble(Parse(F_line,0,","))-365*70-19)*86400) //get date L2=FormatTime((strtodouble(Parse(F_line,0,","))-365*70-19)*86400) //get time L3=Parse(F_line,1,",") //get current i++ Endwhile To display above in table component is easy, and the value of L1 in table is like 10/12/13, the value of L2 in table is like 11:03:12. But to display this in trend, I haven't found the way. Y axis is L3, X axis is L2. After test, the L2 in trend always display value of hour. How can I pick up the time including minutes seconds, and display it in X axis of table? Thanks