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Found 1 result

  1. TheNovice

    Markers text location and font

    Is there any way we can change the text location of the marker's information. Currently when we place a marker on a graph the information sits in the bottom left side of the graph. Can we enlarge that text? as it has very tiny font size. I was also trying to remove the marker via code: eg- component.graph1.MarkerA_Valid = 0 , but I dont think we can remove marker via code. Is there any way to do it? Also, When I provide bottom axis with date & time value, ranging multiple days, it displays some garbage value in the bottom left corner of the graph, which keeps on constantly updating(garbage value) by itself, just like a slideshow. I can send you more info if you require. Thanks!! Here's a summary of questions: Removing Markers on graph via code. Enlarging font of markers description which is displayed at the bottom of the graph and also changing its location. Changing font size for values inside of dropdown Combo List. While using Date-time picker, option to make time as either start or end of the day selected. Thaw all axis, instead of x and yfrozen for graph via code. Also, I tried printing graph and then saving it at a specific location, but when I click browse to select a path, the Daqfactory file crashes.