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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I'm currently working on a communication architecture OPC Server (RSlinx Gateway or MatrikonOPC driver Rockwell in virtual machine) / Client (DAQFactory Host) through a local LAN, there is communication between the host and the virtual machine (check with PING, firewall are off), however, DAQFactory does not show the computer where the OPCServer is (fig1). How can I solve the problem? NOTE: I haven't done the DCOM security configuration, but I understand that the name of the computer must appear in the OPC selection tree
  2. Due to having large projects 5000+ Tags, Codesys OPC Configuration is via a Symbol XML file this is a structured file with Class types and class instances. We use another HMI Package to Import the Codesys OPC Symbol File and basically turn it into a flat list. We then export the flat list as a CSV file. We have built a Sequence with DAQ that deletes the channel table and rebuilds it from the CSV file, Placing each Class instance in its own Group. We pre-specify the OPC Connection path This works really well but is very cumbersome. We are looking into building a Sequence from scratch to parse the Codesys XML directly, but before we spend a week designing and testing. Has this already been done ? is there a easier way ?? I was looking if i could browse the OPC Server Directly from with a Sequence almost like channel.ListAll , But OPC.ListAll ?? 92780517-18.Controller.Application.xml
  3. Hello, I have a development trying to pinpoint why does the DAQFactory not read the data from my OPC server, When i click "Properties" in the "OPC Item Browser" it appears that all the tag properties - including the value - are read in correctly. HOWEVER, the data type of the *value* of the tag is being incorrectly read as "VT_EMPTY" instead of "VT_Double". This tag is correctly read by the OPCQuickClient - as indicated in the attached screenshot. Please help, Dr Jerzy Dziewierz
  4. Hi admin, I config KEPServerEX (SNMP driver) to read/write a snmp device and i have a tag with LONG type. I config a channel (asyn read) in DAQ to read this tag and successful, but when i config this channel as output (analog output or discrete output) to write new value, i failed. Nothing happen with DAQ and my tag. I also use code myChannel = value but unsuccessful. after that, i try to use a opc quick client of kepserver to write this tag and it successful. What do i need to config DAQ to write a opc tag with long type? Please help me. Many thanks, ThuatNM