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Found 3 results

  1. I am trying to setup a first page such that it stays up and program execution stops until a button is pressed on that page. It's a page to check if the logging directories exist, so 2 buttons, one will be to create the directory structure and the other will popup a system message saying "Press ok to quit as no directories are setup". I guess I'm trying to make the page modal but also stopping further execution of the program until the choice of button is made.
  2. I'm not sure what changed on my desktop, but the gauges and other symbols are not displaying on the pages. they are configurable, as I can access "properties". Please advise.
  3. Hi, everybody Currently I am using a 1280x800 laptop to develop a DAQFactory project, my mu terminated customer shall use a 22 inch desktop screen. If my program is deployed in that bigger screen, the right bottom will have a large empty space which doesn't look good, and there is no scroll bar in DAQFactory for me to move the screen. So if a bigger screen uses my program, how to solve the display? And if a smaller screen uses my program, how to solve the display? (because some components at right bottom will be hidden) Thanks James