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Found 5 results

  1. BeeHay


    Hello hello! Been a long time, but you seem to always find a way back to your roots. Have a quick question about licensing, which I am sure is covered in a few other topics, but I thought I would make a new post since it has been a while. I have a small application, created with a dev key/license (pro/dev?) and a user wants to run the .ctl file on their end. I have things like check boxes and "leds" that appear not to function in the "trial mode/express" unless I have my key in. All I am curious about is, if a user purchases a runtime ($160), will those objects still function? They have some scripting behind them and the app wont work unless the objects do! Also, I noticed you have a "key" option for $80, what is this? Can the $80 key hold a runtime license and that key can be moved around to different PCs at different times? Lastly, how can the user "try out" my .ctl before purchasing a license if the express version doesn't work with my .ctl? Any info helps and glad to see DF still humming along, Brandon
  2. hello , i'have logging data using the "ASCII delimited" using protocol "mod-bus tcp-IP" and time out is 1000,...using this i communicate plc and scada successfully . my first question is that if i remove the communication cable then after the graphical representation is not changing means that scada representing healthy graphical representation instead of cross marking representation.linking my second question is that after removing this cable i want data logging in .csv format which is working o.k but in data logging it holds last value which i don't want. for example,if communication cable is inserted the data logged values are 12,13,11,0 and at the time of removing communication cable if at that time last value is 13 then it will continue log data 13 means it holds last value.but i want if communication breaks than then doesn't hold last value.
  3. MrDeathStar

    Dual USB keys

    Can DAQFactory identify two USB keys? We are using USB keys for our runtime licenses and developer licenses. The runtime license is typically plugged into a computer locked in the equipment cabinet. An external USB connector provides cabled access to this PC. When I insert the developer USB key, I was hoping it would override the 'runtime' license and allow me to make local code modifications. Alas, DAQFactory reports that the license it finds is only runtime...I need to remove the internal USB key before it will detect the developer license. If we had installed the runtime directly (without using a USB key) would this have operated as expected? Your comments/thoughts are appreciated...thank you.
  4. Hello! I have created an application on my development station that do logging (very basic: ASCII, with time intervals of 30s) and display graphs and it is working perfectly on this station. But when I copy the application to another computer that have runtime license, It behave like following: the logging is going (I checked the txt data files) and initially (when opening for the first time) I can see real time graph, but after some time or after closing and reopening the application the graph is not displayed any more (neither real time graph nor the historical one) although the logging into txt file continue to work well. I tried this on two different runtime stations with the same result. Could you explain me what may be the problem, please? Sincerely, Ian Rybak
  5. Hi, I tried to find a thread on this forum about this, but I did not find any. I downloaded the DAQfactory trial more than a month ago, and after the trial period it turned into DAQfactory Express. (The About... window shows "DAQfactory Express Release 5.87a Build: 1972"). No problem here. BUT the options "Switch to Runtime mode" and "Switch to Acquire" are in gray all the time, and are not selectable. I tried reinstalling the software, same situation. I do not know if this is the expected behavior. I installed the same downloaded file (I downloaded it yesterday 11/07/2013) in a new PC and it worked OK as DAQfactory trial. The options "Switch to Runtime mode" and "Switch to Acquire" are available there and work fine. I appreciate your response. David Diaz