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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, sorry if this has been covered before but i'm looking to send an email notification based an alarm being fired once. I've got the emails working just fine. If I use the fired tab of the alarms as they update that just triggers another email to be sent, as you can imagine if you've got the cycle time set low then lots of emails are triggered. Is their a way to only send one email based from the first trigger and not send any more until the acknowledgment has occurred? Thanks
  2. Trying again to load my document in fullscreen and properly centered using some commands in script without any luck. The next commands does not work if used in a sequence: system.maximize() or system.fullscreen = 1 Have put them in a sequence. My document window is NOT maximized. When sequence is started manually in "Workspace tree" then I expected something should happen... but nothing at all. Did find a post describing the same but no solution was posted yet to this problem. Any tips how to use these commands in script?