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Found 2 results

  1. Tarik

    Plotting multiple Traces

    Hello Azeotech, I was wondering if there is a way to plot several different traces on the same graph. I have six strain gauges in different places on a part and I would like to plot each strain gauge's strain with respect to an independent force on the same graph. I made channels for each strain gauge and for the force. The channels are labeled Strain, Strain2, Strain3,....,Strain6 and Force. Thank you for your help, Tarik
  2. MrDeathStar

    Step Plotting Method

    I am plotting a digital output value vs. time with the step (21) plotting method. However, I noticed that the rise is drawn before the run when a new data point arrives. Is there any feature to allow the opposite (i.e. draw horizontally first and then vertically step up/down to the new value)? The horizontal line on the graph would then indicate the digital value over its time period. If this is a 3rd party graph limitation (i.e. like I found that right axis cannot have step), then I will proceed with regular point/line plotting methods and pad my channels to create the step. Thanks.