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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I'm using the below email script to send emails which is fine but i cant get more than 1 channel to show up in the email body. It will only show the last channel on the line? Do i have to set up an array? or another option is to save it to a file and send the file but i want it in the email body. private semail = new(CEMail) semail.strhost = "" semail.port = 587 semail.strUserName = "xxxx" semail.strPassword = "xxxx" semail.strAuthenticate = "Auto" semail.strBody = "text " (HV_Power_Bulk_Fuel [0]) (Ventfan_Fan2_Vib_DE[0]) semail.strReplyAddress = "xxxx" semail.strReplyName = "xxxxx" semail.strSubject = "xxxx" semail.strTo = "xxxxxx" semail.strConnectionType = "STARTTLS" semail.strSSLProtocol = "TLSv1_2" semail.Send() Also another issue i dont seem to be able to send the average just sends the current value Mean(PS_2_Flow_Outlet[0,1600])
  2. My C++ background got the better of me today as I found a silly issue with my sequence code not working because I was using 'private' variables incorrectly with regards to scope. The dynamic strength of DAQFactory allows private sequence variables, once executed, to be available until the sequence ends (in any block, not just for the local code block scope). In my case, I had declared an uninitialized private variable in a while loop which conditionally appends arrays to the variable. At the end of the loop, the arrays (if any) are processed. I incorrectly assumed the private variable was reset empty with each loop interation. I found that using arrayVar.ClearHistory(), even though the variable is not a channel, resolves my that a valid/preferred way to reset a variable?
  3. I am using callibration equations to set the zero-offset and span of the input for 8 pressure transducers and need to create a simple way to callibrate the channels for a party who isn't a DaqFactory user. I esentially need two variables per equation (16 in all) which are saved in a callibration text file as .csv formatt and are called and defined at the first stage of the startup script. My issue is that I'm not sure the easiest way to go about this and secondly what would be the script to assign the variable to the value in the .csv file ascociated with it. Cheers
  4. I am going to sound very ignorant, because I am. I'm pretty good with the math and electronics, but have little experience with programming. I've read the appropriate sections on expressions and am still confused. I'll probably crawl my way through it by trial and error, however I am sure someone can tell me exactly what I need. I need to do a calculation with data from two channels and some fixed variables. I would like the result to be posted to the page one data display, the graph, and sent to a log file. I'm using a U3 and for the moment DAQ Express. 1) Where do I put the fixed variable data and the result data? 2) Do I have to type in my coefficient variable data in each expression each time? Or can I name it and pull the number as a tag name? 3) I assume if I can give a name to the result, I can display it on page one. I don't know how to write an expression that writes to a tag? could someone write me an example of such an expression? 4) There are expressions for the display, the channels, and the conversions. do I have to reenter it in each location? 5) How do I write an expression that has channel data from two or more channels? 6) I assume writing the data to a log file is pretty simple, but I haven't read that section. I will have this computer on my wifi network and want to be able to copy the file to an Excel data base on another network computer. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.