DAQFactory stability problems


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I have done scada for some large company but now the problem is the runtime.ctl file is 1.4 mb long and i am having stability problem because it "eats" ram memory and the it freezes this is with version 5.11 but when i try to convert it to ver. 5.32 the program stops responding?!?


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There are a number of ways you could create a document that eats memory. For example, if your histories were very large. Histories are preallocated, but depending on how you access them, you could be duplicating large chunks of memory.

I'd need to see your .ctl file to make sure you haven't done anything unusual. I'll also be able to then address why 5.32 won't run your document. There are some changes in 5.3+ that will cause some documents not to work without minor modifications.

Please reply and attach your .ctl doc, or email support@azeotech.com with your doc if you don't want it to be publically available.

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