using the watchdog to reset the LJ after error


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You can't do this. First, its not possible with DAQFactory, and second you probably don't want to do it anyway. The real question is why your labjack still gives these errors. This is not typical and indicates something is wrong. First, update everything to the current versions. Go to and for the latest. Next, try rebooting, then starting DAQFactory Express before starting anything else, then create a new document and add a few channels and see if you still get these errors. If you do, then reboot and try the LabJack tools like LJLogger and see if they give the same issue. If you don't get errors within Express then you are doing something weird in your document, or you are quitting DAQFactory and restarting without giving the first instance a change to shut down.

The other possibility is that you have an ljackuw.dll in your DAQFactory directory and its not getting updated when you update the labjack drivers. If you do have this file in the DF directory, delete it after quitting DAQFactory.

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