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I am experimenting with the labjack U12 - Lite version. My intent is to fully automate my application. But I am having much trouble getting started writing sequences. I have some programming exp. Can someone get me started ?

Why would you use- EDigital in/out instead of digital I/O?

In the function Declarations - what is "Long", "float" ?

Where can I find detail info like this without bugging others ??? I have sifted through Website info but It doesnt seem to help

Thanks for your time
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With DAQFactory you don't use eDigitalOut or DigitalIO, but rather simply create channels for your I/O and set those channels. I recommend you go through the guided tour as this shows the basics. The functions described in the LabJack user's guide for the U12 are largely not used in DAQFactory (though the U3/UE9 are), so you should not look rely so much on that manual for this information. Instead, the guided tour, the chapter on sequences and the U12 samples at should help.

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