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I'm a new user of the DAQFactory with the LabJack U12.

I have some problems with graphs.

When I create a graph, I have the cursor to move or resize it, but if I click and drag the graph, there is no result of resizing or moving. Worst after I do it, I can't retry to resize or move it and I can't delete the graph.

Other problem, when I put some signals on the graph (like it's explain in the tutorial), there is no signal who appear on the graph.

Someone can help me?


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You have to hold down the control key when manipulating any screen component in DAQFactory. This is because a non-control click actually activates other features, such as button press, or in the case of a graph, the zoom box. With version 5.7+ there is an optional edit mode that reverses this, requiring Ctrl-Click for pressing a button, and regular click for moving/resizing, but this is really just designed for when you need to do a lot of edits on a lot of controls at once.

The traces most likely don't show because the Y axis scaling is wrong. Do you know what your signal is? It might be negative, and the since the default Y axis scaling is 0 to 10, it is not on the graph. Try right clicking on the graph, selecting Autoscale then Autoscale Y. Note that you'll need to thaw the Y axis after autoscaling if you want to use the normal axis scaling parameters.

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I have exactly the same problem. Any hints what to do?

When I right-click and select "2D-Graph", a square field with a cross-hatched border is created. The border has handles in the corners and in the middle of the edges.

However, the moment I move the cursor on the border or on one of the handles, the border disappears. I have not found a method how to make it reappear.

Basic question: How can I resize a graph under these circumstances?

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