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How can i set up my logging file name to be changed to a specific name at the beginning of each day. And also can i log the date in the spread sheet. I'm saving as csv file.

What program are you using to do the logging?

I'm using daqfactory express. In the logging set i am creating a csv file to use in excel. We are going to use this for machine runtime and speed logging hoping to create a new file at the beginning of each day or shift if possible. Therefore if we could somehow change file names according to time of day that would be good.

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The easiest way is to put something like the following line in the Event of one of your channels, preferable the channel with the fastest acquisition speed:

logging.mylogging.strFileName = "c:\mydata_" + formatdatetime("%y%m%d",systime()) + ".csv"

This will set the logging file name every time the channel gets a new value. However, the filename will remain the same until the day changes over because the formatdatetime() function will return the same thing. Replace "mylogging" with your logging set name.

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