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currently i'm using UE9 Pro for my university project and i'm a newbie.

My problem is after i save logging the data and open it in excel again,the time the appear is weird and i totally dunno what time is it.It show that my time is 38945.546 and when i choose not using excel time,then the time that show is 12000.

Can anyone tell me how to change the time.THANKS

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i am facing the similar problem for days...

for my daqfactory the time at the table is shown as

08y02m04d 15h31m41.896

but in my excel i get time in this fashion 3948264730863

i have read all the posts in this forum and tried to change the format too...but after that i get this error:#######

please help..where am i going wrong?

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####### means that the text in the display is too big for the width of the cell. Change the cell width by dragging the cell header. I recommend reading an intro Excel book, or, if you are not familier with Excel, try a real data analysis package like Igor.

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i tried all ways to get my date and time in the right format...but in vain...and since igor is a 30 day trial version but since its my project i need to use the available souces like openoffice or excel







these values come under the time...i tried to sumhow corelated the date n time..but it dosnt make sense...

also i read help from excel..where they say the dates are from 1 jan 1900 -is value 1 and 2jan 1900 is value 2---amd 1 is for 24.00 or 00.00 and 0.75 for 18:00......but then i aint getting anywhere.....

i wanted to know when the files ar elogged and opened with excel...for time...does it involve the year month and day too...or is it just purely time in hr:mins:sec:ms....please so answer...i had this problem for weeks now..

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Looks like you lost a decimal place somewhere.


is the date in Excel format if you put a decimal point 5 places in:


If I take that number, paste it into a cell in excel and format it for complete date/time I get:

2/4/2008 2:30:12 PM

which is presumably correct.

I do not know how you are losing the decimal place, but that is the source of your problem.

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well..i was using the delimiter tab so that i can get the values of time and data in different columns....

wen i use (,) comma delimiter i get the format 39482.60431046 like this...but my data column gets merged

like this 39482.60431046-0.086578 ; wher -0.086578 is the data.....

since i have to deal with 500 values or sumtg everytime splitting the coulmns are not it possible to write a code for the logging set of daqfactory itself??

i mean like date, time and this format??

thnk you

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Try a different delimiter, like ;. The problem also may be this: depending on where you are, "," is used as the decimal point, where "." is used in the states. Excel may be ignoring any ,'s in the data, thinking they are decimals. In this case, you are probably going to have to go to your locale setting and set decimals to ".". For a short bit we had ","'s as decimal when appropriate, but it caused many compatability issues when files were transfered between different locals, so we are sticking with the scientific standard of "." as a decimal point.

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