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Its much easier to log to a CSV file and then load the file directly into Excel.

But, if you want to use DDE (only supported by DF-Standard and higher), you can try the attached two excel samples. They use VB script in the excel spreadsheet to move the data down rows. These were written nearly 5 years ago and have not been recently tested, or tested with the latest versions of Excel, but should give you a good start. There are two samples that do essentially the same thing, except one adds data to the bottom of the list, and the other adds new data into the same cell, moving the older data down a row each time.


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Update August 2010


This is still valid and now works with latest DAQFactory Express v5.79 which allows DDE and Excel 2003. Just have to change security settings from default in Excel to allow Macros to load and run under Tools/Macro/Security.

Nice simple examples that are easy to follow and they both work fine (just edit the chanel name from test to your DAQFactory channel name you want to read in and log).




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I have a question about DDE's working way in openoffice. İs there any one ever use openoffice with it? I tried a few times but didn't success. In "http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Documentation/How_Tos/Calc:_DDE_function" this site there is an explanation, i've try them.


Returns data from a DDE-based link.


DDE(server; file; item; mode)

server is the (text) name of a server; for example "soffice" for OpenOffice.org.

file is the (text) complete name or IRL (Internet Resource Locator) of the document containing the data; for example "c:\office\document\test1.ods" or "file:///documents/test2.ods".

item is the (text) name of the item to return. For example "Sheet1.B3" is cell B3 on Sheet1 of a Calc spreadsheet; "MyRange" is the name of a range in a Calc spreadsheet; "MyItem" is the name of a section or table in a Writer document.

mode is an optional parameter specifying how numbers are returned. Non-numeric text is returned unchanged.

0 or omitted: Data is converted to number if possible, using the default cell style

1: Data is converted to number if possible, in US English (en_US) format (for example with

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First, DDE server is only supported by DAQFactory Standard or higher and you have to enable it from Tools - Document settings. Likely you will need to save your file and restart after changing that setting.

Next, make sure things work using the Excel sample, though I guess if you have openoffice maybe you don't have excel. As for your parameters, Server is correct, File I'm not sure about, but you are probably right, Item is MyChannel, mode is probably the same as topic, so should be "Data" or "Time".

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