channel timing and averaging

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I have just started using UE9-PRO togethr with DAQFactory, sorry if it is a stupid question:

1) what is the meaning of "timing" for a single analogue input channel - e.g. if it is set to 1s then does the ADC reads - at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the time interval?

2) I would like to average a maximum number of readings over 1s interval - how to select the averaging correctly?

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1) Timing is how often the input gets read. So a value of 1 means it is read once a second. Typically, this value should never be smaller than about 0.02. To do higher speed, use streaming.

2) This depends on whether you stream or not. The easiest way is to set the timing to 0.02 and then check the Avg? column and put 50 in the # avg column. This will poll the device 50 times a second and then average it down so you only get 1 reading a second.

I should mention that I don't know off hand what the maximum polling rate of the UE9-Pro is at its highest bit setting. For best precision I would set the UE9 to the highest resolution and then oversample (which is what you are doing in #2) at the max rate the UE9 will handle (up to a max of 50 times a second or 0.02 of course).

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