Double click on object does not work in runtime mode

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No, it doesn't have to do with the demo license. The only limitation with the trial version is access to the full symbol library. Everything else is fully functioning.

I am not seeing your problem and it works fine for me in both development and runtime. Perhaps you can post your document, or a document that demonstrates it not working.

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I believe the same problem is happening with my application as shimh describes above.


My application has some screen components which are a group of three other types, labelled with a group name. In the OnLButtonDblClk event for each grouped component there is a call to a sequence being used as a function - the name of the component and its page are passed to this function by this call.


Within this function certain actions are performed and finally a modal popup is invoked, this all works fine in development mode but in RunTime it doesn't  :wacko:


I have a similar style of event associated with an Action in a button component which works fine, however the function is called from a quick sequence.....


Any ideas or pointers?


Cheers :D


PS: can post my app if you like

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OK, app attached.
A popup will appear when gauges are double clicked on Page1_LJ1_L2 and Page2_LJ3_LJ4 in Dev mode but not in RunTime.... I thought it might be related to LButton and its association with an object's properties in Dev mode.
Thanks in advance for the help.

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